Scorched Earth



One thing I can say about cameras – I’m rarely without one.  Another thing I can say about cameras…I’m always pointing them at the strangest things.  This little shot tonight started its digital life as the remains of a cheese soup boil-over burned to a crisp onto the stove-top.

Yup…you heard that right – I took a picture of a common household complaint – the burned on mess of a pot of food that escaped the cooking vessel only to sizzle to its doom on the hot surface below.

Stove cleaned after the photo shoot was done…priorities, dontchaknow…

Photoshop is a wonderful tool – it turned me into a right-handed artist…which is saying something, seeing though I’m rather unapologetically left handed in most everything else.  Put a plain, ordinary pencil in my right hand, and I’m about as gifted as bozo, the wonder bra…but a mouse?  Hello, imagery!

I learned to use a mouse (the computer kind, not the squeaky kind) with my right hand.


Because that’s where the right-handers in my family put the darn thing.  It never occurred to me to move it to the dominant hand.  By the time I got all growed up and started working with computers for a living, instead of out on a shop floor moving product from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, using the mouse with my right hand was well-ingrained, and a bit of a bonus – I could take notes with my left hand while manipulating the mouse with my right.  So…when I started working in ‘shop – the right hand FINALLY got to be the artistic one.

I think it’s happy that way, and the left hasn’t gotten jealous, so I’m good with it.

3 thoughts on “Scorched Earth

  1. I used to work for the phone company as a CAD tech. Part of the ergonomic strategy involved using the computer mouse with the non-dominant hand to give (in my case) the right hand a break. I was skeptical, but surprised myself. Within a day my left hand was fluent with the mouse commands.

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  2. First time I’ve heard of ergonomics using this idea (and I’ve heard a lot of ergonomics speeches throughout my working years) – but it’s one of the rare, good ones.
    Now I just need to come up with something to handle writer’s cramp on those days when I am bound by the pen, instead of the mouse.


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