Taco Quiche


Moments before the fork hit…

Yet another first for me…a blog post about food.

Not that I’ve anything against food.  I enjoy food.  Sometimes, I enjoy it rather too much.  Occasionally, I’ll knock about in the kitchen and put together a bunch of ingredients I hadn’t thought to stick in a pan before.

Sometimes, the results are good.  Sometimes, not so much.

The kids and I were wandering about the grocery store for our weekly run of stuff.  We’d been on a Creole kick lately, and it was getting tiresome – so we were kinda browsing for a new idea.  In the freezer section by the breakfast stuff – we saw pre-made quiches.

“Mmmmmmm – egg pie,” muttered my son.

OK.  I’ve done quiche before – there’s really not much to it.  Just decide what fillings you want in the crust, which cheese will be complementary, and whip up an egg custard to fill all the little nooks and crannies.

Soooo  –  we grabbed a couple of pie shells, some half & half, and an extra carton of eggs.  We discussed what we wanted over by the cheese isle.

I saw the Mexican shred blend, and did an “Oooooooh,” of my own.  Taco Quiche.

Those two words were all it took.  Here’s how I did it.

Taco quiche

1-9 or 10″ deep dish frozen pie crust

4 – eggs

1c – half & half

8oz Mexican blend cheese shreds

3/4# ground beef

1package taco seasoning (the ones that season 1# of meat)

chopped onion

Chopped bell pepper (red or green or both)

sliced olives

Sliced roma tomatoes


Brown beef in skillet, drain fat, add taco seasoning according to package directions, simmer until quite thick.

in pie crust – spread thin layer of beef in bottom

add a thin layer of cheese

layer in the veggies

top with another thin layer of meat.

Top with a thick layer of cheese.

You want the fillings to fill the crust, but not over-fill it by too much.

Beat the 4 eggs together with the half & half in a separate bowl.

pour egg mixture into the filled crust.  Depending on how tightly you packed your fillings, you may have egg left over – you want the crust completely full of egg, and all the cheese on top at least damp with egg (if the fillings are higher than the crust).


fresh out of the oven – and yup…it boiled over.

Put the quiche on a cookie sheet – this usually has a bit of boil-over, so you want something to catch it instead of dribbling all over the bottom of your oven.

Bake the quiche at 400 for an hour.

Let rest for 10 minutes – slice, and devour.


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