Flash Fiction – Harbinger

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

Flash Friday’s mid-week warmup happened again, and another challenge accepted.  The shot was of a soldier standing on the bow of a small water-craft (he was REALLY low to the water line) and before him were the bridges and the city scape.  Not sure what city scape it was, and I didn’t bother to find out, as the where wasn’t as important as the story created by the image.

I had a harbinger-styled idea banging around in my head for quite some time, after reading a book series off my Kindle called “Moth.”  In it, this young girl leaves her small fishing village, in search of help for that village from the evil of the light worlders.

What struck me in this book – where this young girl goes, the light worlders follow (although they’re not exclusively following HER), and rain fire and destruction on the people gathered.  The girl is a nod to the old harbinger of doom story.

I put a note in my drafts to come up with something to use this element, and yesterday, I used it to bring out this little piece of flash.

I did miss (initially) the extra challenge for the piece – to end the story with the word peace.  I did change out the final sentence to read:  “I alone decimate your peace.” – but here is the original wording.  I like this one better.

Enjoy my latest little slice of flash.


100 words

I stand alone.

They follow me, dogging my heels. They watch me with luminous eyes. Hot breath steams between long ivory incisors. I feel them always, fear them as well.

I walk alone.

They herd me toward the unsuspecting, the decadent, those fat with soft lives. They confuse my tongue to blur my voiced warnings of them in the midst.

I weep alone.

They cause the bridges to burn, the water to boil, and the people to turn on each other as they gnaw on the very rage they generate.

I am the harbinger – I alone survive your doom.


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