All the People…all the time


Seating for one, please?

The Daily Post offered up this nugget of inspiration last week:  when was the last time you felt lonely?

To be perfectly honest here – I can’t remember the last time I felt lonely.  I CAN recall the last time I felt the opposite (over-stimulated, over-socialized, overly-sought-out, over-peopled) because that’s pretty much how I feel all the time.  I’m ALWAYS under-isolated.

There have been plenty of times I’ve wondered:  how many people out there in the world are the same?  Who else out there shares in my craving for solitude?  Anyone else think the mythical old hermit living in an isolated cave has found Utopia?

Although, my Utopia would have to include HVAC and WIFI…

One ‘label’ in particular which really gets under my skin within this society is ‘Anti-Social.’  Granted, labeling different groups of people irritates me in general – but this one particularly rankles because it’s personal.  It points the ‘finger of judgement’ at anyone comfortable enough to spend as much time as possible in the bliss of solitude – delivering a label of deviant, unnatural, or harboring an illness in need of medication.

Bah.  I don’t need medication to become normal – for me, solitude IS normal, and the pursuit of such a worthwhile goal.

Society now calls people such as me introverts, and extends a tentative hand in invitation to come out of our closets.IMG_1012

Why should I?  My closet is one of the few places I can get the solitude I crave…

So, yes, being an introvert is a step up from being judged Anti-Social, but it’s still a label – a societal marker – a way to segregate humans into little slices of humanity – and I still call that wrong.  Stop marginalizing folk based on things. 

We’re all human beings – we are all crafted from the same DNA, generating the same properties in form and function.  One head.  Two eyes.  Two hands.  10 fingers and 10 toes.  Hair color, skin color, short, tall, fat, thin, personality quirks of all degrees – these things are minute variations in the overall form and we really need to start accepting them for the unique markers they are, rather than treating them as major flaws needing to be fixed or deviations that need to be studied.

So I say with aplomb – stop trying to study me, stop trying to understand me, and stop trying to ‘fix’ me.  I’m not broken, I’m not deviant, and I’m not flawed.


THIS is why I don’t do ‘selfies’

I’m just me.

5 thoughts on “All the People…all the time

  1. I read a definition that interested me – you’ve probably seen it too: an extrovert is energized by people, while an introvert is energized by solitude. I liked it because it helped me understand why, after spending a very pleasant chunk of time with a friend or two, I absolutely have to “rest” – with a book, blog, or whatever, so long as it doesn’t require eye contact. And I’m with you on the “I’m not broken – don’t try to fix me!” sentiment – although I’ve been noticing lately that being able to wear the “introvert” label has almost become something to brag about. It’s odd, and rather funny, to see people proclaiming their introversion as though this is the thing that makes them unique and special. Why do we (by which I mean Other People, obviously!) so desperately need to tag ourselves?

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  2. When I’m out with people, and I’ve had enough socialization, I will ‘shut down’ in the middle of the gathering. It’s not about being energized by solitude so much as it’s being drained by too many people. And when I say I ‘shut down,’ I mean I literally go blank – envision someone who’s had WAAAAAAAAAY too much booze sitting, very carefully, on a barstool, bleary-eyed & looking like there’s nobody inside there.

    That’s me when I’ve had too much companionship…alcohol not required.

    Granted, I can still function, unlike the drunk at the bar who falls down a lot and shouldn’t be trusted with his car keys – but I reach a point of max ‘other-people-ness’ and that’s all she wrote – I need to leave.

    I’m best taken in limited quantites 😀

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