Dragon Memoirs 4.03.15 – WHAT were we Thinking?

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

From time to time – the Dragon surfaces from the scattered voices in my head, and natters a sweet story from his journal into my ear.  Most of the time, he erupts just as the weekly Flash! Friday contest is announced, so this is a very happy occurance.  For my flash entry this week – another in the loosely-linked series I’m calling the Dragon Memoirs.  Enjoy my latest flash!

What were we thinking?

210 words

It had always seemed odd to us that this planet, teeming with an abundance of life, should only produce one species gifted with sentience.  Why had the other large-brained animals, specifically the feline and the biped, not crossed the barrier from simple animal hierarchy to true awareness?  Why was it only us, the reptile, who rose above simple survival to adapt our environment to suit us?

Our best minds debated the length and breadth of this question, emerging with a single, logical theory.  The hostile, murderous sands of our desert environment had forced our sentience.  Our simple reptile forebears had little choice – learn to alter this environment, or die as a species.

Our First Learned Rule:  Adapt, or Die.

Thus did the Dragon flourish.

“To further prove our theory,”  The Collegiate insisted, “Let us experiment on the biped.  Let’s see if their struggle for survival equates sentience.”

What were we thinking???

We’d mastered the elements for our species’ survival.  Tampering with life for experimentation was our species’ downfall.

We blasted the savannah for science, scorching the life from the soil, tearing the water from the land.  The biped reached awareness with the fire of this violence embedded in their veins.

Thus did the Human emerge to annihilate the Dragon.


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