Flash Fiction – New Recruit

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

The competition on Flash! Friday is fierce, challenging.  The writers who offer up flash pieces week after week are fantastic authors – extremely well honed at putting together a brilliant story with both a tight deadline and a tight word count.  I’m very happy to number amongst them.

I’ve learned so much on how to tighten up my own writing since I started regularly posting my own pieces.  And, although I’ve yet to win the weekly challenge – this week’s entry got me one step closer.  I made 3rd runner-up – which is the highest I’ve been in the weekly ranks.

You might recognize where the opening phrase came from if you regularly join me left of reality.  I recently described Delores Umbridge in almost the same way.  I loved the phrasing so much on the Potter’s Field piece that I had to use it again.

New Recruit

205 words


Were the world a great disco-ball, she would be the shattered panels of mirrored glass – broken, beautifully reflective chaos very dangerous to handle. Known only as Bug, she was – street. Savvy, cold, hard, and merciless at protecting her own against all comers. She’d had her fill of life’s lemons and was ready to grind them into someone’s eyeballs for that elusive opportunity: escape from the rough alleyways she called home.

Street children such as Bug were perfect candidates for espionage. They learned to manufacture personae on demand at an early age, were dismissed and ignored by the rich and powerful, and considered disposable by those who would recreate them into a mosaic of unrealized destruction.

She needed her target to show. The cold winds of Autumn were dancing through the alley behind the Embassy parking lot, flirting aggressively with Old Man Winter. Soon, Bug knew, the weather would chase away her dreams of relocation. Of money. Of a new life far removed from the gutters of childhood.

Dreams that could only be realized by the successful completion of the task the man in the wool coat had equipped her for.

The gun concealed in her ragged clothing, and her instructions, were her ticket to freedom.

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