My sneaky-snake pillow certainly qualifies for a draft-dodger pillow – he’s long enough…SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Sheesh – I looked through my Drafts folder again.


More to the point – I looked at the number of drafts I have waiting for my attention.  As of today, and not counting this one – I have 25.

There are some good titles here, too – His Name Started with K, Thinking of Lard, a Few final words on Cars, Tempest…Meet Teapot, and a couple of Dragon Memoir titles.

All in various stages of completion. Most just waiting for me to dig out the camera and get clicking.

Then there are the two awards I’ve recently been tagged for.  The Liebster is only awaiting my special touch at ‘shop to create a new badge, and the Versatile is in beginning construction mode.  I WILL get them done, guys…I PWOMICE!

And 3 or 4 finished flash fiction pieces – also waiting those final touches (links to the Flash site, pictures, etc…)

So – what exactly have I been doing with my time, as I’m obviously NOT finalizing blog posts?

Not much.  I can’t attest to having a project or an obsession or even a mad-attempt to cure cancer.  I’ve been quiet. I sleep.  I go to work.  I come home. The kids and I make a little dinner, we watch a bit of something we’ve streamed off Amazon or Netflix, I spend a bit of time on the phone with the SQO.

Lather, rinse, and repeat…

In short – I’ve been doing nothing more then vegging out at night.  Guess my personal batteries need a recharge.

But – there is HOPE!  Tonight, I get to drag the camera out of its exile – the SQO’s band has found a new drummer (again) a new practice space (again, again…) and they want some new pictures.

I can only hope there’s enough power in the camera’s battery – as I’ve discovered I mislaid the charger.

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