Going through a bit of a rough time here on the left – a poorly-timed and Ambien-fueled Facebook post has my knickers all in a twist.

And I can’t – for the life of me – stabilize the emotional imbalance this has created.

On the plus side – the moment I dragged this picture out from the T&T’s ‘G-Spot’-ted past the earworm which provoked it’s creation started Ozzy just a-crooning in my head – so yes – silver lining and all that.  Hopefully, echoes of Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ are now cycling through your mind, too.

I like to share earworms

I recently had my astrological chart looked up.  Aparently, my logic and my emotional centers are directly opposite each other, one with the sun in residence, the other with the moon.  I guess this means I need to strike a delicate balance between logic and emotion.

and when that balance gets all teeter-totter-y?  It sucks.

I find myself wildly gyrating between ‘pay attention to it later’ and ‘I H.U.R.T.’ – which is, on top of the freaking situation that GOT me swinging – causing further bouncing between the two.


I need space.  I need a galaxy-worth of empty vacuum between me and the rest.  Now how to I tell him?

9 thoughts on “Space

  1. … ah, it’s a “him”. Best wishes, hon. You know, of course, that we’ve just recovered from a full moon and are on the cusp, if that’s the correct term, of Mercury Retrograde. I repeat: best wishes.

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    • All the best (or worst, depending on POV) emotional trauma is ‘him’ related, isn’t it? I guess it’s my turn on this particular hamster wheel…

      I do keep hearing about Mercury in Retrograde – so if I catch him, I’m gonna do horrible things to the wings on his sandals!

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    • The picture is one of my favorite photoshop creations…not only for the visual content, but for the story of the piece’s evolution:

      I found a tutorial a while back on how to make your own planet in ‘shop. Did a couple of these – this one was my favorite.

      A bit later – I wrote a piece on Pigs in Space (Muppets, from the 70’s) so ‘shop got involved again to float a toy piggy in front of my created planet.

      In November last year – the picture got pulled out again and tinkered with, because I had an earworm (Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’) and for some reason, I couldn’t resist adding the ‘In Space’ behind the title of the song – thus was ‘War Pigs in Space’ born.

      I can’t wait to see if I have an idea to tinker with it further 😀

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    • Thanks Van! I think things are looking a bit brighter today – I managed to go out yesterday to my favorite meditation spot and release some of this bound negativity.

      I also finally remembered to dig the Lapis out of my whammy box, and keep it on my person. It’s one I amped up with a very soothing vibe.

      Slowly, surely, the knickers are getting unknotted…

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      • Normal people would probably call it a jewelry box 😀 and it looks ordinary enough. It’s what’s inside that gives it a unique name.

        The pieces I keep in the whammy box have my own personal energies imprinted on ’em. I do a lot of meditation and focused intent work on stones – in my head, I think of the work as ‘whammy-ing them up.’

        I imprinted my lovely lapis with a protective/healing/soothing vibe a couple of years ago.


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