Micro Bookends – Face Book

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

Here’s another Flash Fiction site I watch a lot, but don’t often contribute to, as I sometimes, for the life of me, canNOT pull a story out of my head with the requisite beginning and ending words.  Today – I found something in the dark, cobwebby recesses of the creative pathways which stuck on the walls.

The Micro Bookends are challenging – word count is only 100 (+/- 10), you get a photograph to encorporate, and he gets to pick the beginning and end word.  This week, he put us in the evil Face <micro> Book.

It was the image which supplied me with the necessary imputus to create something – the technique is something I’ve had in the back of my head to try.  You deliberately drag the camera with the lens open – tracking a moving subject – to keep the subject in focus, but to blur the rest of the shot.  The photo prompt is a fantastic representation of this technique.

I managed this for the story – Enjoy!


Precognition:  It’s a Bitch

109 words 

“Face it, I’m just too damn fast for you!”

His words ring true, as I’ve always been the slow one.  I prefer deliberate steps, taking the time to assess before committing to a path, rather than rushing willy-nilly into any number of potential disasters.

But that’s only because I see every path in the myriad of possibilities stretching beyond infinity.

He stumbles, my rapier accidentally lodged between his ribs.
He gloats over his victory like a preening peacock.
He gently disarms me, stealing my heart with a kiss.


His possible futures spin out farther – husband, father, pauper, recluse, corpse.

I see all possible history, before its committed to the book.

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