Evil Lurks in the Strangest Places

Should have gone with the cold lunch today...

Should have gone with the cold lunch today…

You know how, when you microwave leftovers, little pockets of food-encased water will sometimes ‘pop?’  I’m pretty much assured that anything with a tomato base will errupt rather violently, spattering the top and sides of the oven with pinkish goo ANYtime I forget to cover a dish.  I’ve had some soups explode so violently that the dish actually jumps in in the microwave.  Once, I had one of those microwavable cup of soups (sadly, yes, it was tomato) actually filp over on me.

And – giving Murphy full credit for this one – it flipped on me right after I had cleaned the microwave.  I hope the moment gave him a good giggle over his asinine laws.

IMG_0087Well, today my lunch hit a new low.  It waited, like an evil basilisk patiently stalking its prey from the shadowy depths, until I’d taken the lid off and shoved a spoon up in there to erupt – spattering my hand with really, Really, REALLY hot cheesy potato stuff.



The evil protein & carbohydrate mix with which I intended to sustain myself for the afternoon at work bit me back. Actually, it bit me before I could bite it.  It was a totally offensive move on the part of my lunch.

Soooo – to teach it a lesson – I ate it.


And – in totally unrelated news, views, and all things leaning more than slightly left – I have come up with a name for a new musical product.  I shall craft some rhyming phrases of totally nonsensical words, set them to music, and sell the project under the name MYSM.

Because I can’t write music to save my soul, have no practical knowledge of playing any instrument outside of pounding out the Meow Mix jingle on a keyboard or banging on a drum to make a sound – the name stands for MY Shitty Music.

Think it’ll be a thing?


6 thoughts on “Evil Lurks in the Strangest Places

  1. I hate Murphy almost as much as I hate Mercury retrograde, who, now that I think of it might be the responsible party for you lunchtime disaster. I don’t know which is harder to handle – burns or the need to clean up the inside of a microwave.
    As for the music, I want to be the first to go on record to say… sure, why not?

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  2. MYSM…funny. It could catch on. Microwaves..can’t live with ’em, can’t pop corn without ’em. We had the original Amana Radarange in the 1970’s. Some folks would actually decline dinner invitations for fear of radiation ! We’ve come a long way. ☺ Van

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    • I received a hand-me-down Radarange from my Grandmother waaaaaaaaay back when I was first starting out – it was a heavy beast…but did a damn good job at nuking things.

      I think the best popped corn was made with this little gadget my parents had when I was growing up. It was a thinnish kettle, with a locking top that had a handle through the middle of the lid with blades on the bottom. You put in oil & corn, locked the lid, and twirled the handle around – which stirred the corn and kept it from burning as it popped.

      Nowadays, I just put some corn in a paper bag, stick that in the microwave, and let it pop that way. Add butter and salt after it’s all done popping. Beats the hell out of the chemical microwave bags.

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