Ugly Heads Rearing

This has been, hands down, one of the most challenging summers in recorded history.  I don’t want to say it’s been a sticky season, but:

We had the dental thing going on, and on, and on.  As an aperitif to the chaos surrounding my root canal and S’s wisdom teeth being removed, B infection went absolutely insane, resulting in yet another emergency run to the dentist.  Result?  7 teeth pulled (4 wisdom, 3 tormented ones) without any dental insurance.

Dun-dun-dun-DAAAAAAAAAAA!  Mom’s savings account (and credit card) to the rescue.




As if dealing with the setback of seeing the house money once again drained away – it got hot.  And sticky.  Which means higher energy bills from fans and A/C and the like.



So – we got more teeth issues.  We got higher debt-load.  We got high heat, and wicked humidity…

cue Murphy…

Our four-legged companions started to scratch.  REALLY dig in there good.  And the first, ominous bite spots, sprouted on me.

Fawk.  FLEAS?????????????????

The little creepy horrors decided it was better to spread the love around rather than stay attached to the cats.     We’ve been in combat for about a month, now.

Some interesting things developed over an intensive web-search on how to combat this little blood-sucking menace…

  • To fleas…I am delicious.
  • Salting the carpets will kill the little demons.
  • There are a variety of essential oils which repel the monsters.
  • CATS have major health problems when exposed to most essential oils. (Glad I found this tidbit of knowledge BEFORE I tried it…)
  • My skin has problems with certain essential oils.
  • Once again, I am forced to sleep flat – as getting these spawns of hell out of my recliner has proved to be an impossible task o_O
  • I have pulled more hair out of the carpets in the last month than I have in the last 2 years living in my apartment thanks to the panic-buy, new turbo-sucker vacuum cleaner.
  • Reading about bedbugs can cause panic attacks.

On top of the battle to reclaim my sanctuary and soothe my itching skin – there was an ending.  A very lovely woman whom I worked with decided that dialysis was too invasive, too painful, or too costly to continue with.  She was WAY too young to have passed away last weekend.

It is a testament to how well I loved this woman that I attended her funeral.

There are 2 places in this world I avoid whenever possible – Hospitals, and Funeral Homes.  Not because I don’t want to be a resident in either (but…duh…) but because the energies trapped in these two specialized human houses is horrible.  The combined residual signatures of thousands of people either in pain or fresh with grief tends to slam into me like a tidal wave.

I managed 30 seconds inside the doors before this residue of mourning had me wanting to run, screaming, for the exit.  I managed to make my way through the receiving line, taking a look at all the photographs, flowers, and crafty things (Debbie was, just like me, a crafts-person.  If she wasn’t creating, she wasn’t living).  The tears streamed faster, hotter, as my grief joined with the general atmosphere.

This is what they call a ‘downward spiral.’

Finally, with about 15 minutes until the actual service, I beat my hasty retreat.  I needed fresh, untainted air.

Outside, there was a storm brewing.  I could see the clouds making crazy shapes, could see the occasional flashes of lightning in the distance, and felt the wind start to pick up as I stood just beyond the stoop.

I went back in just as the first fat raindrops started to fall.

I won’t be an arrogant curr and claim that the storm was my doing, because as far as I know, I don’t have any ability to affect the weather.  What this storm did do was give me something tangible to focus on while the service – with all it’s sad farewells and remembrances and admonishments to accept certain religious icons in an attempt to stem the grief – was performing.  Everyone could hear the hiss of the wind, the rattling of the raindrops, the flash of lightning and the rumble of thunder through the parlor’s walls & windows.  I took the opportunity to allow the grief to funnel through me and away to the raging nature just outside, instead of letting it sit and fester.

The Natural, once again, to the rescue.  I’ll have to do something nice to thank it.

2 thoughts on “Ugly Heads Rearing

  1. Storms are soul-satisfying to me. So sorry for your rough summer. We moved to So. Carolina and thought my son had poison ivy..turned out the former owners’ cats slept in his new bedroom and the whole house was infested. Treated at first, gave up and replaced ALL carpeting. They only bit him…poor kid.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This batch of fleas find me delicious – I had clusters of bites everywhere. They itched like fire. It just about turned me inside out.

      Because I rent – pulling up all the carpets isn’t an option. I just have to keep battling each wave as it happens.

      I love thunderstorms…nature’s way of cleaning house 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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