Flash Fiction: The Poetry Reading at the End of the Universe

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

Every 6 months or so, Flash! Friday changes out their challenge. The current crop of challenges features a well-known book or series of books in which to draw inspiration.  The challenge gives you a few character options, a few setting options, themes and/or conflict situations central to the quoted book to choose from to craft your work of varying word counts.

Unfortunately for me, I haven’t read a lot of the books they’re choosing.  And, while I do consider myself a fast reader, I can’t absorb classic literature (such as Pride and Prejudice), get ready for, and do the work thing, and knock out a spectacular piece of flash in a day.

and…It shows.  My fiction offerings have been moderately mediocre to downright horrible since they instituted this new format.  I’ve even missed submitting a story a week here and there.


The book series this piece is inspired by is “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams.  Now, I HAVE read the entire five-book trilogy (anyone who has read Hitchhiker’s will understand), so I was, at least, qualified, to put out some poetry that might just make the Vogon’s take note.  Read on…IF your life insurance is paid up.

The Poetry Reading at the End of the Universe
155 words
The Worst Poet Character
Foolish Theme
And yes – the typos are intentional…

Why is it, I ask, that my verse does not sell?
I travel the ‘verse – put myself through hell.
Universe. Yea – that one’s hard to rhyme.

So I gunna put down a little more time.

Science, bitch – I heard that on the TV – and it reVERBERATED in me.
H2O, CO2, polypeptide chanes and all sorts of sciencey stuff.
I just can’t get enough.

Someone please buy my poem – I’m a starving artist with no place to roem.

Rome is a big city, a big state, and a big deal.
In the past – this dude wore a white dress and a big hat and drove around in a fishbowl.
Now – the fish is in my ear – nattering in my brain, telling me my verse isn’t real.

The last known poem of Graggle the Snaggley.
All claims of injury in the reading of this piece rejected by our legal team.

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