A Pair of Olympic Tales


The book that’s currently on my Kindle is called ‘Godhunter’ by Amy Sumida.   It’s a semi-humorous, semi-romantic, semi-action indie book which I’ve been through at least half a dozen times.  The question I have to ask myself is:  ‘Why didn’t I go back and look up more books in the series???’

I counted 18 when I dropped into Amazon just now…I’ve got some catching up to do!

I especially like the heroine of the piece.  She reminds me a lot of myself (in attitude, not in body type) so she easily came alive in my head.

That’s the hallmark of a good story in my opinion.  If the characters take life of their own inside my skull – the author has done their job.

Because this book brings some of the more iconic Gods from the Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Aztec, and other assorted Pantheon’s of old, it reminded me of one of my flash fiction pieces.  I dug around and, low and behold – I HADN’T put it on the T&T.

I’m gonna remedy that right now…this originally appeared in Flash! Friday on October 9, 2015 at 4:10 pm.   I’m especially fond of the title of the piece, which got me an honorable mention with ‘the most Victorian and Overblown title of the week.’

Whereas The Olympiad from their Throne on High, do Design to Demarcate the next Branch of the Family Tree

211 words
Character: An overbearing Aunt
Setting: A Garden
Theme: Marriage

“My dear, I am SOOO glad you could drop by for a visit!”

I knew it was a calculated risk rematerializing within the Gardens on Olympus this time of day – but when Hephaestus says he has an opening on the forge – you don’t dally! Just my luck to land at the feet of Great-Great-Great Aunt Hera.

“These Gardens look disgraceful, don’t you agree? I simply must pry Demeter away from her ‘Ban the Pomegranate’ crusade – as I simply can’t entertain in such disarray.”

Aaaaand – Auntie was on a roll!

“We simply canNOT have any sort of wedded gathering here – Coatilcue of the Aztec would God it over me forever!”

I silently twisted the Cerebus-chewed handle of my beloved whip, counting the diminishing seconds ticking away. It would be months before I could get another appointment with the Forge.

“And when are YOU going to continue the line, my dear? By your age, Zeus had dozens of children. Granted, most were with mortal women, but STILL. Demi-gods have their uses, too…”

“Aunt HERA!!!” I bellowed – the fires of the Underworld burning a path through Hera’s prized bed of ornamental orchids.

“OH!” she sputtered, raising her nose in disdain. “I didn’t recognize you, Megaera! I guess Hell hath no Fury right now…”

4 thoughts on “A Pair of Olympic Tales

  1. Oh I am going to SMACK you so hard for that last line!

    On the other hand, the book you recommend looks good. You might be interested in taking a look at the mini reviews on my blog someday – I’ve read several fantasies this year, and I have FINALLY caught up on my reviews. More or less. I know I’ve left out some, but … oh well. The past while I’ve been too busy reading to pay attention to even the most basic reviewing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have a fascination with eye-rolling groaners – it’s part of my charm 😉

      I’ll have to take a look at some of your reviews – I’m always in the market for new, good fantasy books…preferably by lesser-known authors. They seem to have a fresh look at things, and I’m always happy to give those who are still struggling to gather an audience a look.

      Maybe I’ll toss out a few more reviews of my own?


      • I got the idea of having a separate page for mini reviews from KokkieH at When All Else Fails Use A Hammer. He just lists what he’s read (last time I checked, anyway). I thought it would be more useful to me, and possibly to others, to give a very brief review – what’s it about, how much liked. I stopped posting negative reviews because it’s a bore to review something you couldn’t be bothered to finish, plus I tend to support the bloggers I follow and I don’t want to be unkind to someone who’s at least had the gumption to finish a book and get it out there, even if it sucks. It’s pretty handy … sometimes I go back and look for authors I’ve particularly enjoyed but forgotten to hunt down more of.


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