To Infinity!


A couple of weeks ago, a lady on my chainmaillers group on Facebook posted a video of a new creation she’d come up with.  Everyone ooo’d and ahhh’d and, with the fevor of hard-core creative types, requested (begged, pleaded, kowtowed, offered lavish sacrifice for) a tutorial become available.

Well, JUUUUST before Labor day – that tutorial suddenly appeared on the interwebz.  There were delays involving technical difficulties with recording the tutorial video, a LOT of Facebook stalking of that thread in our group, a few bitten fingernails (mostly mine, I can’t confirm the status of anyone else’s digits) and, overall, a lot of good-natured ribbing as we waited for the magic images.

The $12 bucks I threw at her tutorial was some of the best money I’ve spent on the web.


She calls this pattern the ‘Infinity Rose.’

Damn…this thing is addictive – both to create, AND to play with.  So addictive, sadly, that I think I irritated a nerve.  The inner tip of my left ring finger has been slightly numb since Saturday evening.

My pliers are, for the moment, in the penalty (tool)box – waiting for some feeling to come back into my finger.  With most sprains, strains and body-irritations, time & rest is what heals things.

But I’ve NEVER wanted to chainmaille so bad in my LIFE!

On the other hand, a forced break from creation is allowing me to get some well-overdue listings for pieces up on Etsy.

Come see what I’ve been up to 😀

Disregard the sound – Roommates watching Futurama when I recorded this…

4 thoughts on “To Infinity!

      • I quite envy your gift for making things. I’m just fumble-fingered and impatient … and chronically messy … and and and … Oh well, I’ll be honest. I envy you being the kind of person who wants to make beautiful and/or interesting things, and I wish I wanted to be someone like that too. But I’m not. So most of the time I just wish I were rich and had a big house so I can buy all the shiny things that delight my magpie eye… 🙂

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  1. Awwww – that was SOOOOOOOOO sweet! I’m sending big cyber-hugs right now!

    Don’t sell yourself short, Bella, you make beauty, too – with your huge heart and your ability to care for your little slice of this great Earth and all the inhabitants within. You think your vegetables and livestock and fruit trees and the land you’ve transformed aren’t beautiful? You nurture a patch of land – coaxing color and life out of dirt & feces. You’ve taken poor, abused dogs and transformed them into the noble creatures they were born to be. If that’s not beautiful, I don’t know what is!


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