A Simple, Pretty Thing

This afternoon, I had to take the SQO to the airport.  He’s visiting a friend in Texas on a 4 day weekend.


On our way in – they had this sculpture thingie in the corner of the breezeway.  At first, we thought it was construction materials.  Once we got closer, we realized…



These are HUGE face masks – the flag flying out the window is sort-of a scale measure…but to really nail it down, I’d guess they were about 6 feet across.




There were three of them.  This translucent green one was my favorite…










And making it even neater, was the rest of the sculpture…





All three are stylized sailboats, crafted from some translucent material.  Too bad it’s an overcast day – I’ll bet these three are stunning in full streaming sunlight.




I also got a bonus when we were separating – him going to the x-ray machines and me watching from behind the glass (non-boarding-pass people aren’t allowed past this point), when D pulled one of my newest chainmaille creations out of his pocket.


He wanted to let me know he was bringing a little piece of something I’d made with him on the trip.

Gotta love the man!!!!

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