Hmmm – That’s Strange

Today is a celebratory day.

Today, after work, I need to run my little self to a retail outlet (any retail outlet will do, but Best Buy is on the top of the list)

To get:


The SQO and I went to see Doctor Strange in the theater 4 times…don’t judge…we’re turbo geeks when it comes to comic book movies!

Now, tonight, we’ll own our own personal Doctor Strange.

Best Buy has an exclusive (metal ‘collectible’ case & bonus features) release, so that’s where we’re going first. ¬†But…if they’re all sold out, a standard Blu-Ray will do.


I’m getting my geek on tonight ūüėÄ

Survey Team

Anyone else out there absolutely despise surveys?

Amazon: ¬†Please rate your recent transaction…¬†Shit received. ¬†The end.

Etsy : ¬†Don’t forget to leave a review… Shit received. ¬†The end.

The oil change place:  How was your visit?   Shit received.  The end.

All good feedback, no?

The Census Bureau: ¬†Your address has been randomly selected to fill out this 19 page, incredibly intrusive document demanding various snippets of very personal¬†information about you and all occupants currently residing at this address¬†to better allow our political units to fuck the little guy. ¬†(slight embellishments may have been added).¬† ¬†Oh…and if you don’t comply – we’re gonna send agents to your home to bang on your door for 20 minutes in an effort to annoy this information outta you.

Topping it off – this official request for information¬†was¬†addressed to ‘Current Occupant.’

Ya wanna know what I do with any mail that ends up in my hands sporting those words?


If it’s an official Government demand (complete with fines for non-compliance) you’d think they’d at least put a NAME on their documents. ¬†¬†I guess cutbacks are a good excuse for laziness in paperwork.

When they’ve acknowledged that there’s an actual person at the receiving end of their badgering…I’ll give them the information they’ve demanded. ¬†But…they’re gonna EARN it the hard way.

Anyway – Government-agency¬†annoyances aside – The ever-so-famous Blair of The Shameful Sheep¬†had some fun with a survey that’s going around in the Blog-o-sphere…and since I’m needing the practice of filling out and publicizing personal information…I figured I’d give it a whirl, too…

  1. Who are you named after? 
    1. My parents were Buddy Holly fans…so when I came out, screaming and red-faced, somehow, it was deemed appropriate to name me Peggy Sue. ¬†Yup…that’s the legal name.
    2. The name was so much fun – especially in 7th grade when the choral teacher decided this little archaic ditty¬†would be PERFECT to teach the class. ¬†Gleefully, the rest of the class focused on singing¬†“Porky Sue” instead of sticking to the original lyrics.
    3. Kids are mean-spirited little fucks at that age.
  2. Do you like your handwriting?
    1. Well…doctors look at my left-handed scrawl and proclaim: ¬†I can’t read this shit! ¬† Even I have trouble sometimes deciphering what I’ve scrawled on a piece of paper with pen, pencil, crayon, magic marker, or bloody fingertips. ¬†My handwriting looks funny, weird, sloppy, bizarre and/or totally written in code, depending on my frame of mind.
    2. My ‘I’m pissed at you’ handwriting is particularly messy and completely unreadable…Although, once I did draw out a picture of a hand clutching a rose, middle finger proudly extended, and sent that as a formal ‘fuck you’ to someone who’d irritated me.
  3. What is your favorite lunch meat?
    1. The answer to all meat-related questions MUST be bacon. ¬†It’s kinda a rule.
    2. Did someone say BACON???
  4. Longest relationship? 
    1. The wuzband and I would have celebrated (teeth firmly grinding together) our 13th anniversary had I not decided I needed an actual life.
    2. My current SQO and I are rapidly approaching our own 7 year itch, and have stocked up on Gold Bond Powder for the event.
  5. Do you still have your tonsils?
    1. I am proud to admit I still come with all my original parts.
    2. Oh, wait…wisdom & baby teeth don’t count…right???
  6. Would you bungee jump? 
    1. Why would someone jump off a perfectly good platform? ¬†Unless that thing is on fire – and I’m on some pretty intense ‘controlled substances’ – or I’m seriously distracted by, oh….say….DRAGONS flying in the sky….
    2. no.
  7. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
    1. I own no shoes with those ‘laces’ things.
    2. SLIP ON’S FTMFW, baby!
  8. Favorite ice cream?
    1. As I’ve been doing the ketosis thing for 9 months, ice cream is one of the things I had to give up. ¬†It wasn’t a big deal, as the heartburn & headaches produced by consumption of this cold, creamy sweet stuff were fairly prohibitive before keto. ¬†If it was slightly tangy (orange, lemon, etc…), though…I’d dive in.
    2. There’s a place here which serves frozen custard (which most denizens of the Greater Milwaukee Metroplex will agree is far superior to¬†your standard ice cream) called Kopp’s Custard. ¬†They make the absolute BEST Lemon Citron custard around…and their lemon-raspberry cheesecake flavor was a close second. ¬†A Pint (or 2) of that was well worth the pain.
  9. What is the first thing you notice about people?
    1. It depends on the smell. ¬†If they’ve recently marinated¬†in their favorite perfume or axe body spray, I walk¬†the other way before they’re in visual/speaking range. ¬†Nobody wants to be accosted by a chemical shit-storm of fragrance. ¬†Ditto on¬†au naturel – I don’t need my eyes bleeding¬†from your rank sweat.
    2. Bathed and/or otherwise inoffensive people Рthe first thing I notice are their hands.  You do so much with hands Рwhy not let them lead the way in any introductions.
  10. Football or baseball? 
    1. The wuzband – huge into football, as is most of the state. ¬†Basically, we’re a beer state with a Packer problem.
    2. The SQO – Brewers all the way.
    3. Me – Balls should be played with in the privacy of your own home, dark parking lots, or the back rows of movie theaters…not in a stadium in front of millions of screaming viewers.
  11. What color pants are you wearing? 
    1. Once you go black, you never go back.
  12. Last thing you ate?
    1. See question #3.
    2. Did someone say BACON????
  13. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
  14. Favorite smell?
    1. There are too many to list here.  I love the smell of bacon in the morning (smells like victory!).  I also love my sandalwood soap, the sage I burn prior to whammy-work, and cinnamon or vanilla candles.
  15. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
    1. I. ¬†Hate. ¬†My. ¬†Phone. ¬†I’d rather gouge both my eyes out with a shit-covered pencil than attempt to have a meaningful conversation with a little box of plastic, wire and glass plastered to the side of my head.
  16. Hair color? 
    1. Well…lemme see, here. ¬†I’ve got some red. ¬†I’ve got some brown. ¬†I’ve got some black. ¬†I’ve got some gray. ¬†I’M A MUTT!
    2. Once, I dyed half my hair blonde, the other half red. ¬†That way – if I wanted to be blonde, I’d brush it toward one side, red – the other. ¬†I also had a purple rat tail.
  17. Eye color?
    1. Brown. ¬†I’m THAT full of shit.
  18. Favorite foods to eat?
    1. Say it with me, folks…..BACON.
      1. I’m also currently obsessed with rutabaga. ¬†Slice them things up into fry-like forms, slather with olive oil, sprinkle with as much garlic powder as you can stand, and bake until browned & sizzly.
  19. Scary movies or happy endings? 
    1. I don’t know a lot of movies I can consistently watch to the end, as I tend to fall asleep when I’m all cozy and slightly entertained…so there goes the happy ending part.
  20. Last movie you watched? 
    1. to the end?
    2. Right now, I’m watching, and watching, and watching, and falling asleep to V for Vendetta. ¬†I’ll probably switch it out when Netflix takes it off their streaming menu.
  21. Favorite holiday? 
    1. National Bacon Day.
    2. It should really be bacon month…or just have everyday in the year be bacon day. ¬†Who can I reach out to to get this done?
  22. Beer or wine? 
    1. I’m the oddity in a state which runs on hops….I’d choose wine. ¬†Beer is nasty stuff.
    2. My kids are beer snobs. ¬†They call the commercially available stuff (think Miller or Budweiser) canoe sex…fucking close to water.
  23. Night owl or early bird? 
    1. I consider it sleeping in if I stay in bed later than 7 am. ¬†Been working so long at standardized day shift hours, I wouldn’t know how to stay up late.
  24. Favorite day of the week? 
    1. I lurves me some Sunday. ¬†Not because I can’t wait to be close to the Lord (me & my witchy ways notwithstanding) but because everyone else in the household is sleeping/working/out doing running – and I have the place to MYSELF.
    2. Mondays.  Suck.  For the record.
  25. Which three of your favorite bloggers do you want to know more about? 
    1. Here’s the awesome “PAY IT FORWARD” stuff you see in all of these survey types. ¬†I ain’t gonna inflict this pain on anyone else. ¬†But…if yer a glutton for punishment – knock yer socks off. ¬†I’ll read it…really, I will.


Anyone wanna see me take video of dropping a full bag of cat shit out the window the next time the census dorks come ringing my doorbell?

Foot Loose


I just HAVE ¬†to put this little tidbit of info up for the world & sundry to see…because if you don’t check with the internet in when doing something fitness-related, it doesn’t count…right?

This weekend, I took advantage of an INSANE weather pattern which settled over my patch of Waukesha.  Our temperature monitoring devices registered over 60 degrees.


**glances at the calendar & map**


So I did what any sane/slightly winter-sick person would do under the circumstances. ¬†I gave the heavy winter garb the finger…walked out of the house in a sleeveless shirt & flip flops, plugged the earbuds into the iPod, and took a jaunty little stroll.



I.  Wore.  Flip Flops.  In February.  In Wisconsin.




I walked 1.5 miles. ¬†It took me 30 minutes. ¬†I didn’t have to stop with¬†my feet cramping up, my heart threatening to jump outta my chest, or my lungs laboring to convert enough O2 to fuel¬†the continuing mechanization of my muscles.

By an amazing coincidence…I live 1.5 miles from my employer. ¬†I drive to work because, up until this point, I’ve been fat and flabby and the only shape I’ve been in is geometric.

In Shape


When the weather turns nice for good this spring – I’m leaving the car at home. ¬†I’m walking to work.




The Ring: The Sequel: Escape Artist


I love my little circlet of white gold. ¬†Housed on the middle finger of my right hand…a perfect (albeit obscure) reminder of my first Ex Husband.

It’s always been a bit big for that finger. ¬†There’s some resistance in getting it over the knuckle, but not much. ¬†It rolls around my finger effortlessly, yet is still secure enough to sleep, shower, do dishes, housework, etc…with it on.

Not anymore…

The kids and I went for our traditional laundry day at the ‘mat on Tuesday. ¬†Nothing special about it – grabbed some takeout, shoved clothing in machines, added detergent & coins, spun some poi (the kids) & read the kindle (me).

When I pulled my stuff out of the washer, I heard the familiar scraping of metal in the bottom of the tub.  My first thought was:  Must have left a quarter in the pocket of one of my pants.

I was a bit shaken to find my ring.  It had slipped off without me being the wiser to its loss.

It escaped AGAIN when unloading the dryer – it wanted to hang¬†with my socks and ended up at the bottom of my laundry bag. ¬†I found it the next day (after being convinced I’d lost it on the walk home) when sorting the underthings.

JOY for second¬†reunion, but –¬†when am I gonna lose it for good???

I’ve been doing the ketosis thing for around 9 months, and this is the first serious snag I’ve found in losing some of the tonnage…my FINGERS are shrinking, too.

So what’s a girl to do????

Now…I didn’t want to have the ring resized…the ring snuggies out there look both damn uncomfortable and unsightly, and I can’t switch it to a different finger, as they’re ALL losing their pudge.

I went shopping.

Found a new 3mm band, in my size, and slipped that in front of the larger ring.

Disaster averted..yea!!!!


Mr. First Ex Me’s ring now has a¬†partner in crime ūüėÄ




Hard Water

Water.  H2O.  The stuff that the human body attributes over half of its mass from.


Yea…that stuff. ¬†Well, when it’s packaged in 36 individual, 20 oz bottles, all bound together with additional thick plastic – that stuff is both heavy and rock-hard…

I went shopping yesterday, picked up a new package just like the above, and thought…”I’ll just toss this over my shoulder to balance and get it up the stairs to the apartment that way.”

Now known as Mistake #1

Wellllllllllllllll…when you swing such an object upwards, getting enough velocity to counteract gravity, (which demands such things go DOWN), and you don’t move your face out of the way of this heavy, fast-moving object – it’s gonna hurt…

Maybe I’ll volunteer at the battered-woman’s shelter this weekend – the bruise should be nicely purpled by then….



Happy VD

You know what I mean…not an itchy rash in the nether region…it’s Valentine’s day.


The biggest sales event of the year for the floral and greeting card industries.

Botanical bribery and mushy sentiment, anyone?

Personally – I think the real magic in any big holiday is the after-event sales, especially when candy is involved. ¬†Granted, the really good stuff goes fast (if it shows up on sale at all) and all you’re left with by 4pm on the 15th of February is the cheap Palmer’s, Hershey’s and Cadbury, but still. ¬†It’s chocolate, in heart-shaped chunks, at unbelievable ‘we gotta sell this shit’ prices.

This year, I’m 9 months sugar-free – so no more frenzied After VD chocolate shopping for me – although I might brave the crowds to get some discounted stuff for the SQO.

If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is ‚̧




Thank (Insert Supernatural Figure of your Choosing) it’s FRIDAY!

Today is Friday. ¬†For millions of people in the states, that means the end of the workweek, and the appreciation of 2 whole days in the immediate future where you don’t have to sell your labors to continue to be warm, fed, sheltered, entertained, and amused.

Granted, we still have to get through the final day of the workweek – but, hey…who doesn’t slack a little on the nine to fiver when Friday afternoon rolls around?

maxresdefaultI did, briefly, have a genuine 9-5+paid lunch!¬† I also got two ‘breaks’ within the day, but those were assigned to run to the post office (one to pick up mail, one to drop off mail…) so they don’t count. ¬†A ‘break’ from work, in my mind, means I have time for a snack and a book. ¬†Driving my car to the middle of the village to do the mail is NOT a break…it’s a task.

This¬†particular nine to fiver was office ‘manager’ for a small Real Estate firm. ¬†Unlike most management positions – I had nobody who answered to me – everyone answered to the Broker/owner of the firm. ¬†I had a title, and a list of ‘things’ to manage, but I think you’ll agree¬†the title was pretty much name only.

Still…the title would have looked impressive on a resume if I’d decided to list the position on it.

It was one of the two jobs where I got soundly fired. ¬†It really sucks when personal ethics get in the way of job performance…

See Рthe broker in this small firm had a daughter.  The daughter was one of the agents at the firm.  The daughter, like many other young women in this country, had a couple of kids, was a single mom, struggled to make ends meet, and accepted county assistance available to her.

So, in Early October, when the Broker announced daughter would be getting no additional commission checks in the year (to stay below income caps on child-care assistance) and instead would have all daughter’s commissions paid out to HER, instead – well…I couldn’t stay silent.

Silence, in this case, could quickly morph into accessory to fraud.

Yes, I will fully admit, I handled the situation badly. ¬†I was bald and harsh in my refusal to alter any upcoming payroll/commission records. ¬†I did, in fact, use the term ‘cooking the books.’

Predictably, I got rank and file. ¬†I got the ‘How DARE you’s,’ and the ‘Where do YOU come off telling ME how to run MY business?’ ¬†I got yelled at until the Broker was an amusing shade of purple.

And I got the demand to clean out the desk.

The funny part? ¬†After the personal stuff was packed in the car and I was on my way home as an unemployed person (oh…the shame?)¬†– I stopped at the Temp Agency I’d worked through before this job, and let them know I was, once again, available for work.


They put me in a position THAT AFTERNOON. ¬†Granted, it was on a shop floor. ¬†Very physical labor pounding the warp out of engine parts. ¬†The Temp Agent said “I figured you needed something to burn off some of that aggravation.”



Fired in the AM – at a new job by noon…banging away at metal while imagining a very specific set of faces within the mottled surfaces.




Getting my Geek on…


I’m a fiction-geek.

I fully admit it. ¬†I’ve have two Klingon costumes in my closet, mourned when Firefly was taken off the air, fantasized¬†about traveling through the Stargate, wanna find a blue box in my backyard, had a dream one time where I blended RHPS and LOTR and ended up with transvestite Hobbits dancing on top of a bar, and wonder when they’re going to make a movie about the Dragonriders of Pern.

I do geek well.

I’ve even gone to¬†medieval-geek in my crafting with chainmaille.

This last weekend, instead of indulging in the Superbowl, I made another Byzantine chain, a special order I procured by wearing some of my stuff to the SQO’s Friday Night gig. ¬†The drummer’s girlfriend saw my frosting, and simply HAD to have the denim lapis pendant I’d made…along with an 18 inch chain.

I wear most of my stuff on a 24″ chain because I like the extra length.

So stitch, stitch, stitch…weave, weave, weave. ¬†Chainmaille – especially an easy pattern like Byzantine, is very soothing. ¬†18 inches blossomed under my pliers in a pleasant afternoon of work. ¬†I can’t wait to get this beauty in her hands…even if I WILL miss the denim Lapis stone.

I simply must remind myself – the lapis is going to a great home!


This Chick Walks into a Bar…

Book 2

The Arcanum Infernata says:

“Those who encounter daemon, Those¬†scored by tooth or claw, Those fortunate enough to walk from the beast, Those burdened of stolen magics, forevermore.”

For those of you not fluent in cryptic Grimoire-speak – it means: ¬†You survive a fight with a demon, and you get their powers. ¬†Do not sell your soul to Satan, Do not die & work your way up the Hell Ranks…just go directly to power. ¬†Do not pass Go…and do not collect $200.

Cool, huh?   How could a girl resist?

What the damned Arcanum failed to mention was the damned thing you stole powers from would chase you to the damned ends of the damn Earth to regain it’s damned abilities. That’s a hell of a catch there. ¬†A rather important bit of a codicil to the ole’ contract conveniently penciled in extremely¬†fine print in an unreadable font.

Trust me on this one…you do NOT want an extremely pissed-off demon dogging your every move.

I see you squirming on your barstool.  Rethinking that pick-up line?

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

The Ring


I’m sure you haven’t noticed¬†– but making¬†chainmaille jewelry is kind of an obsession with me. ¬†Necklace chains, bracelets, anklets, pendants…some goofy stuff like the Dude & various twiddly toys. ¬†I love to make ’em all.

first third



Special shout-out to the ball – I’ll remember the intensity long after the pliers-slippage scars have faded…




Currently, I’m working on my own little dragon. ¬†I’ll post pictures of him once he’s presentable ūüôā

Oddly enough – even through I’ve got more stuff to adorn myself than most people ¬†– ¬†I don’t wear much jewelry. ¬†I guess I have more fun making it than wearing it.

My daily garnishment regime?  Glad you asked!


lapis-pointMy Lapis Point. ¬†This is on a very thin sliver necklace chain. ¬†I can count the days I haven’t worn this far easier than I can count the days I do wear it…simply because I rarely take it off. ¬†It stays on through showers, sleeping, working, socializing, crafting, swimming…you get the picture. ¬†It. ¬†Never. ¬†Comes. ¬†Off.

Occasionally, if I want to make a dramatic statement with a piece I created – I’ll take off the Lapis – but usually it’s there, either under a shirt or stage-center.

My lapis point has been¬†charged with all sorts of mystical goodness and I function better with it on…


Ditto on earrings. ¬†I have worn the same pair of earrings for the last 3-ish years…small gold hoops that are fairly unremarkable. ¬†They never come out of my ears. ¬†It’s easier that way, because getting ready for work in the morning involves so many things which come before coffee, if I tried to switch out earrings every day or so, I’d probably end up at work without a bra, mismatched socks, and my shirt backwards & inside out.


I used to wear an anklet with tiny silver bells constantly, too Рbut it got too annoying for my co-workers to bear, so I gifted it to S a couple of years ago.  I always smile when I hear her jingle across the floor.


Finally, I have (1) ring, which I have installed rather prominently on my right-middle finger. ¬†A plain, white gold thin band (I think it’s around 3mm). ¬†It’s been there for 2 decades and change. ¬†About the only time I take this ring off is when I’m doing something REALLY messy or sticky with my hands (say…making bread dough or scouring something really foul)

Given that it’s my first Ex. Mr. Me’s wedding band – I’d say placing this little round piece of white gold on the middle finger is appropriate in more ways than I can count.



trl-ringsI recently bought a couple of very thin rings from TRL, so I could play with making a handflower out of one of my dudes.  Being the opportunistic person I am РI stuck one of these on my left thumb.

It fit well enough – and looked all shiny and round-ish on my thumb.

Now…here’s where it gets weird…

For the first couple of hours of wear Рmy thumb refused to operate like a normal thumb.  I was clumsy at the keyboard.  Klutzy with a pen.  I kept dropping papers and keys and jump rings.

It was as if all the nerve impulses simply STOPPED at the band. ¬†I’d have had an easier time trying to do jumping jacks in shackles.

FYI – my thighs and exercise¬†are mortal enemies…even though they rhyme…

I’ve never had one of my digits react so violently to an accessory before. ¬†I felt like a toddler, trying to figure out how the parents effortlessly spoon soup from the bowl to their mouths without spilling a drop…



So I took it off. ¬†I’ve got enough things to worry about without having my dominant-hand thumb …you know, that little thing that sets Humans ‘above’ all the other intelligent life on this planet?.. ¬†angry with me. ¬†It was like my hand suddenly turned dumber than a box of rocks.

Anyone else experience weirdness in jewelry?