Getting my Geek on…


I’m a fiction-geek.

I fully admit it.  I’ve have two Klingon costumes in my closet, mourned when Firefly was taken off the air, fantasized about traveling through the Stargate, wanna find a blue box in my backyard, had a dream one time where I blended RHPS and LOTR and ended up with transvestite Hobbits dancing on top of a bar, and wonder when they’re going to make a movie about the Dragonriders of Pern.

I do geek well.

I’ve even gone to medieval-geek in my crafting with chainmaille.

This last weekend, instead of indulging in the Superbowl, I made another Byzantine chain, a special order I procured by wearing some of my stuff to the SQO’s Friday Night gig.  The drummer’s girlfriend saw my frosting, and simply HAD to have the denim lapis pendant I’d made…along with an 18 inch chain.

I wear most of my stuff on a 24″ chain because I like the extra length.

So stitch, stitch, stitch…weave, weave, weave.  Chainmaille – especially an easy pattern like Byzantine, is very soothing.  18 inches blossomed under my pliers in a pleasant afternoon of work.  I can’t wait to get this beauty in her hands…even if I WILL miss the denim Lapis stone.

I simply must remind myself – the lapis is going to a great home!


2 thoughts on “Getting my Geek on…

    • They were idiots prior to taking it off the air – I mean…it was doomed to failure the way they handled it.

      Switching the nights, playing the episodes out of order…methinks someone was ‘forced’ to make room for it, and made it as messy as possible to eliminate it.

      From what I’ve heard – the lapis is as happy with its new owner as the owner is with it. Still haven’t found another 30mm lapis coin to replace it 😦

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