The Art Abandonment Project – First Drop

Last summer, I found a project/group/page buried under the political quagmire you find flooding a typical day’s feed on Facebook:

The Art Abandonment Project.

This group has a very focused, and blindingly simple mission:

Make a bit of art …

package that bit of art against the elements …

with a card that says:  FREEEEEEE! ….

abandon your creation in a public place…

That’s it.  No strings attached – No advertising come-on’s  –  No pressure.  Only the project’s name, that they’re on Facebook, and an email address if the findee’s want to let the group know where the orphan landed are included on the FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!! card.

In short – it’s pay it forward, with physical art.  I absolutely LOVE this idea, as it allows the fates to intervene as they will, and place a bit of beauty in the hands of someone who needs it.

The group love to share photos of their abandoned pieces, along with a little story of where they left it, in case those findee’s want to find it on the web.


I formally joined the group a bit ago…


And today – I’m ready – to drop my first piece.

Chainmaille Dude

I hope the fates put this little fella in the hands of someone who needs some sunshine.



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