When the Romance is Over


Something just dawned on me.

**Cue celestial music**

I rifled through my mailbox yesterday, standing in the hall, like I always do.  I pulled out the obvious advertisements and marketing come-on’s, and stuffed them in the recycling bin conveniently placed right next to me, just like clockwork.  Better than having to haul that paper up the stairs so I can toss it in the comfort of my apartment.

Well, yesterday, one of the things I pitched was an advertisement for Catherines.  It’s a clothing boutique-y place in this area that caters to ‘women of size.’

Last time I was in Catherines, in January (I got a gift card), I couldn’t find a thing that fit me.  I ended up getting some socks.  Since then, I’ve been tossing the brightly-colored light cardstock in the recycling without noticing anything other than the name.

In short…I’ve shrunk myself straight outta the woman’s equivalent of ‘Big & Tall’ stores.

YEA, ME!!!      All praises to Ketosis!

Sorry, Catherine(s)…It’s not you…it’s me.   The magic just isn’t there anymore…


**should I send flowers?**

8 thoughts on “When the Romance is Over

    • Thank you!

      One of these days, I might just step on a scale again to see just how the numbers look. I haven’t owned a scale in decades.

      the last such contraption I stepped on screamed in horror – spit out a rather higher number than I’d liked (263) which, in turn, made ME scream in horror.

      I heard later the scale had to be put in an institution…it never recovered from the severe trauma of having an elephant step on its chest.

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      • Haha! You’re hilarious!

        Truth be told, I don’t do scales anymore. At all. Except when I go to the doctor and I make it a game to guess what my weight is before they weigh me. It was a lot of fun during my last pregnancy! I even got pretty good at guessing.

        I made it all the way to 206 lb before I had my son. I was proud of myself because I had never been so heavy – big numbers are good, right? Right?! My doctor, however, was not amused.

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