I’m Walking Around! – or – Alright…who conjured a demon?


It’s interesting how life things just…happen.  I had started out today’s posting by putting words on the screen Saturday.  I knew it was gonna be about the first, triumphant walk to work…and I wanted bragging rights.

Then Sunday night happened – an unfortunate incident involving a pan of freshly hard-boiled eggs and my sock – and I started a second post for today growling about the vicissitudes of fate and rapid disrobing techniques.

Hence – the double title for today’s post.  I wasn’t sure until this morning which one was gonna go up…I couldn’t pick a favorite, so they both did.


First – I believe Spring has finally gotten Mother Nature firmly back on her meds and moderating her off-the-wall mood swings…we had a beautiful day here in Wisconsin on Saturday.

I got to take a walk, and solidify my work route.  According to the map – I got in 1.8 miles for the round trip.  The route to work is only 1.5 miles, so I’ve proven to myself that I CAN walk the distance.

Today – I got that nice morning.  It was in the high 50’s at 7am – a bit of a breeze and overcast, and a slight chance of rain for the walk home.

I took to the streets.

Downtown Summer 2016


First, there was the march through the downtown district – pavement, pavement, pavement…but our buildings are pretty cool, so I’m OK with that.  If I didn’t like all the paving, I wouldn’t have moved to the center of downtown in the first place.



I got to the Fox River…this is where the pavement shrinks and the green starts.


Who doesn’t love a walk in the park?  Especially when there’s moving water involved?  The green and growing and the flowing water generate a very in-tune-with-the-Natural vibe that’s evident even just off the center of the bustling downtown district.  It’s one of the reasons I focus so well in downtown Waukesha – the river winds through it and tamps down the oppressive “Buy more shit now” energy generated by humans caught in the throes of capitalism.

So…the 2nd leg of my walk is through Bethesda Park, following the Fox River.  Right now, the trees are still bare, but the grass is greening up so it shouldn’t be long before we have buds springing from those sharp branches.

Beetle Bridge


This will forever after be called (in my mind, at least) the Beetle Bridge.  What I love about this is, even through there is other tagging work on it – nobody has bothered to molest the faces.  Under this bridge, there’s additional artwork which has also remained clean of hostile influences.


Directly after the bridge – there’s a home with an overabundance of little purple flowers in the front lawn, and I can see the iris plants poking their green blades up from the leftover fall leaves.  Spring is aggressively on its way here.
a IMG_3861 clean grass


And here we go for the third and final leg of the trip – up to say hello to my greenspace, and continue up the street to land at work.


1.6 miles – before coffee – DONE.


But…this trip very nearly got delayed again…because sometimes…eggs happen.

Personally, I think the remnants of my fat cells have gone out and summoned a demon in protest.  They’re sick of the ever-shrinking living accommodations my butt is providing, and have taken it into their own hands (or a reasonable facsimile thereof…) to right the wrongs of this ‘damnable Keto diet thing.’

We’re a household of hard-boiled egg eaters.  I have egg salad from time to time, S likes her HB Eggs with a shot of mustard, B takes three to work each morning, and D will grab one on occasion – even though he worries about the cholesterol content.  Eggs are perfect for keto, ideal for gluten-free, and a low-sodium, very low-cost complete protein source.  Every Sunday night…I put a dozen & a half to the pot.

Well…last night, while transferring the pot of freshly boiled eggs from the stove to the sink to shock them cold, those fat-summoned demons caught the bottom of the pot on the counter.  It did this crazy jiggle – which a vessel filled with water likes to do – and I ended up slopping boiling water down my front to soak happily into my shirt, pants, and left sock.

I swear – I heard the demonic little fat cells cheer over the successful completion of their evil plan.

Well…while saying a few -less than polite- words, I did my own crazy little jiggle I like to call the ‘hot pants dance.’  It’s amazing how quickly the clothing comes off when pain is involved.

I think I got off lucky.  The last time I ended up with near-boiling water in my lap, I was 5 – and had 2nd degree burn blisters all up and down my legs.  This time, I have some bright red and puffy spots on my stomach and top of the left foot, but no blisters.

So what’s a freshly-boiled girl to do?

I slathered the burns with coconut oil.  A nice, thick layer over my belly and foot.  And I went to sleep.

This morning – nothing short of fabulous…the foot barely hurts at all, and is only slightly red along the top.  The belly is still just a bit twitchy, but the redness and puffiness diminished markedly from the night before.

I’ll continue to oil up for the next couple of days, but…I’ve defeated the demons and I FINALLY got to walk to work!






8 thoughts on “I’m Walking Around! – or – Alright…who conjured a demon?

  1. Coconut oil is magical stuff! Do you cook with it as well?

    I’m so envious that you’ve broken through on the keto thing, and managed to stay there! I lack … organization, patience, willingness to cope with headaches … ugh. Mind you I’m pretty low carb – I’ve completely given up refined sugar and wheat products – so I’m on my way. And meanwhile I am shrinking some… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • For cooking, I’m more likely to go to either butter or olive oil. The solid at room temp thing tends to frustrate me. I remember trying to coat rutabaga slices with cocount oil, and ended up with half of it stuck to the bowl, and not the veggies.

      It’s really weird that I stuck with keto – I’ve never stuck with any diet except a seafood one before (I see it…I eat it…). But after a couple of decades fighting rabid heartburn – having it vanish along with the carbs was enough incentive to make it stick.

      Glad you’re kinda holding your own on keto – refined sugars and wheat products are, by far, the biggest contributors to the high-carb disaster most people call a ‘balanced’ diet. Keep on shrinking!!!


      • Heartburn, aching joints and muscles, tiredness, weakness, brain fog … You name it, I had the reason to give up that crap! And just cutting out sugar and wheat has made a HUGE difference. Part of the reason I don’t want to go full keto is, I’m in process of setting up a big veggie garden full of delicious things, including potatoes and sweet potatoes, and we have several fruit trees that produce wonderful fruit. I just don’t see NOT eating food that’s so clearly good! So my goal is to eliminate all artificially processed food, item by item, and get to a place where if I don’t produce it, I don’t eat it. We have well water that most people would pay for, the best beef ever, eggs so orange you want to paint them, and now, coming up, delicious veggies. I’ll shift more into keto mode come winter, but for now I’m happy just to be making better choices… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is a VERY worthy goal…near-total self sufficiency.

        I was in the same boat when I was a teen – we rented an old farm homestead. The farmer who owned the property worked the fields around the place, but didn’t use the outbuildings or the two smallish plots on the grounds – so we got ’em. We raised goats & pigs & chickens, had a little better than an acre for gardening, and a couple of apple trees for decoration. We even traded a whole pig for a half-side of beef with another hobbyist.

        Me…being a typical teen, wanted little to nothing to do with the hobby farming, but, being in the middle of nowhere meant chores were done in exchange for rides to actual civilization. As civilized as one can get in rural Iowa, that is…

        Probably one of them deep reasons I now choose to live in the center of downtown 🙂

        I do miss sweet potatoes sometimes – I used to slice them extra thin, toss ’em in a pan with lots of butter & onions, and flash fry with extra helpings of salt & pepper. They were done when just a tiny bit of resistance was left when you bit a slice.

        I do have my occasional cheat time in keto – and it’s usually with something potato-y.


  2. So glad that the burns were minimal! That could have been so much worse!
    You know about Mercury Retrograde, right? Well, we are in a retrograde event, as we type. That means all manner of set-backs, goofy mis-steps, and wobbly pots of boiling water spilling down your legs.

    Liked by 1 person

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