There ‘aught be a Law…

Here’s a silly….this particular phrase.  Honestly…there ‘aught to be a law against using this phrase to pass yet another stupid law designed to keep the population fighting amongst itself.

We should really start taking our politicos to task for stupid legislation, instead of getting drawn into yet another debate on how ‘stupid and unreasonable the ‘other side’ is.’

I got news for ya – both sides are unreasonable.  People should be celebrated for their differences, instead of castigated for them.

One of my favorite mini-series of stories is penned by Mercedes Lackey:  The Diana Tregarde series.  The lead character is a pagan, a Guardian (we’re talking high-level mystical art stuff, here), and paranormal researcher, who happens to write bodice-ripper romances as a mundane way of paying all the bills.

The character’s personal mantra:  If it makes someone feel bad, doesn’t spread a little love around, or leave the planet in better shape than you found it…DON’T DO IT.  It’s a take on the Wiccan ‘law:’  If it harms none, do as thee will.

I did do a tertiary study on Wiccan beliefs when I was searching, and I did adopt this guideline as one of my own…because it makes sense.


The Diane Tregarde stories are available on Amazon for Kindle.  If you’ve got the time and inclination to read magical stuff…give ’em a try.



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