Goodbye Darkness, my old friend…


I haven’t had a drop of anything caffeinated since the fascinating brush with the new pain chart last week won me an all-expenses-NOT-paid trip to the ER via ambulance last week.  It was a hard decision.


I had been drinking the occasional energy drink on the weekends, because I wanted something sweet and cold, instead of hot. (Not that big a deal – they’re loaded with chemical stimulants, anyway…)






The Diet Coke is now officially history.  (ditto – chemical shit-storm, anyone?)







But the coffee & cream in the AM?


Gawd, I miss my coffee…





Oddly enough, it’s not missed nearly as much when I walk as when I drive in to work.  The fresh air, exercise, and sunshine must be fully waking me up so I don’t NEED  my coffee in those mornings…but when I end up having to drive in to work, I feel my ass just a-draggin all day long.


I have to wave valiantly to you, my dark, hot, creamy & sweet (thanks to some Torani syrups) lover…but the romance is over.  Maybe you and Catherine’s Clothing Stores can get together?


Now what am I gonna do with my funny coffee cup collection?



9 thoughts on “Goodbye Darkness, my old friend…

    • Nope. Teas are rich in oxalates, which can contribute to kidney stones.
      And the statistics for re-occurrence are grim – if you get one…you’re 50/50 to get another.

      I don’t want another…evah. I’d sooner have a root canal or amputate a limb than go through that again.

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    Hi, I am a spammer. Not sure if I”m a ‘bot, or if there’s an actual heartbeat involved…but yup…spam is certainly on the menu.

    All your links have been disabled, and your email address (If it’s even yours) has been removed. Sorry, but my readership does NOT want what you’re peddling.


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