One Year on Ketosis!


I zipped right past my anniversary!

On the weekend of Memorial Day, 2016, I decided, rather on a whim, to give this Keto thing that my friend was on, a try.

Soooo…like all good diets, I made a spreadsheet.

Wait a minute???

One of the things that ketoer’s harp on is consumption tracking in the beginning.  In order to figure out what to cut from your dietary intake, you gotta first know what             -exactly-   you’re putting in your mouth.  In this age of smart phones and apps, most suggest my fitness pal to track their intake.

I’m not romantically, physically, emotionally or mentally tied to my smart phone.  In fact, the more I can ignore the demonic little piece of tech, the better I like it…so nix on the whole “there’s an app for that” thing.  But I am a self-confessed excel junkie – so a spreadsheet to track daily, weekly, monthly intakes was right up my alley.

A year later – I’d say I’ve had some very noticeable results.

I don’t know how much I weighed when I started, as my SOP was to avoid scales like the plague, but I’m gonna guess it was upwards of 260.  At 5’4″ and that much poundage, yea, I was a ball.  But, hey…round is a shape, right?

I know I went from size 22-24W pants to a size 16  – and even those are now starting to bag.  Ditto on some of my favorite shirts.  I went to the local Goodwill a couple of weeks back, and went mad in their shirts department…I can now wear a ladies size large.  I’d have been lucky to find 2x or 3x that fit before.

People I haven’t seen in a while are starting to tell me “Man…you’ve lost a LOT of weight…”  I usually tell ’em “Keto done me good…”



I made a choker necklace for S a year+ ago – it didn’t buckle around my neck then – it does now.  And even my ring (featured a couple of times here on the T&T) got too loose to wear without emergency reinforcements!






I won’t discuss the underwear…you’re welcome!

Am I curious enough to actually step on a scale to see how much tonnage I’ve removed?  Maybe.

Anyway – here’s me before and a year into Keto… and looking forward to year 2!





1 Year Low-Carb

4 thoughts on “One Year on Ketosis!

    • I’ve got 2 FB friends who have recently announced they are going keto. One, under heavy doctor supervision as she’s diabetic and her insulin isn’t as effective anymore…and the other one bought a book of dubious (any keto diet plan that suggests quinoa as a breakfast substance is highly suspicious) keto’ness…

      I sent him a link to my spreadsheet last night, so he could get an idea of how a keto’er actually eats.


  1. I knew we had something in common that wasn’t right out there. I love (as in L O V E love) Excel too. I used to do everything on it. I think I even once made an a anniversary card for my ex on it. Hmm, I wonder if…
    But I digress..
    You look wonderful! Congratulations and good luck with year 2!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the congrats!

      I once worked in a real estate sales office – they had all their listing sheets in some dorky format they’d found in the franchise directory. Then I took over & converted all their sheets to Excel.

      They looked fabulous, if I do say so myself.

      I’ve written a chainmaille tutorial in Excel, too. You just can’t beat that grid.

      Liked by 1 person

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