Walkabout – the Next Level

I just had to share this funny little video someone else posted on Facebook.  I may just have to try out some of these walking styles on my daily commute.

At over 100 to choose from, I could be usefully entertained on my walks into work all summer & fall long…



12 thoughts on “Walkabout – the Next Level

  1. I’m thinking that the footage was all shot in the same day – the guy’s clothes never change, nor does the framing of the shot.

    How long it took to compile the footage into the finished video probably took a lot longer. I’ve done a bit of video editing, and it’s a clunky process.

    I prefer still shots to video. Call me old fashioned 😀


    • Hey…thanks for stopping by!

      I remember doing the treadmill thing a long time ago. Lasted about a month – I think I got bored with scenery that never changed. Now I realize I just needed to change out how I was walking for entertainment 😀

      My treadmill eventually ended up covered with semi-dirty clothing. They make extremely expensive closet extensions.

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