A Walk on the Wild -Powder Room- side…

I’ve pretty much solidified my walking route home…when I get to walk, that is.  We’ve had a lot of wet weather so far this summer.  Last week, I got 2 clear days to walk – the remainder of the week had rolling storms consigning me to watching the world through streaky windshield wipers.  This week was a bit better…but I think my demon-weather summoning fat cells are continuing their spell work.

On the (not) plus (-size anymore) side – I had to make another journey to Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul for smaller pants – the 16’s finally got to the point of ‘I don’t need to unbutton the fly to take them off.’  I stocked up on some funky shirts while I was there.  I may actually LIKE going clothing shopping again.  Three cheeses for Ketosis!!!

Hip Hip Havarti!!!!  Hip Hip Havarti!!!!  Hip Hip Havarti!!!!

Some of my more dirt-minded (NOT dirtY-minded…watch the difference :D) co-workers have started to lament on the status of their gardens.  Vegetable gardens all over the area are starting to look pretty sad with all the moisture coming down.  Plants need sunshine as well as water, and they’re starting to REALLY need a few hot, sunny days.

I hope things turn around, for Erica’s Garden’s Sake.  Cucumbers should be cherished!


Today’s walk started out pretty normal.  Some sunshine peeking through the clouds, a bit of a breeze, a selection of my favorite tunes queued up on my iPod.

Through the industrial leg.  Check.

Past the Greenspace.  Check.

Homage given to the Fox River….Check.

It’s that witchy thing, where I bow to the river.  Just go with it…

Down into Bethesda Park….check.

Now wait a minute…what’s THAT?


No…not that.  THAT…


There…on the light post…





It can’t be…but it is…

That innocent little cup from work…the one that broke containment a couple of months ago…is now stalking me on my walking route!


5 thoughts on “A Walk on the Wild -Powder Room- side…

  1. Did you not expect that this might happen? Our pasts are always in our rear view mirrors. (Of course it doesn’t make any sense. Just go with it … or so I’ve been told.)
    By the way, congratulations and good luck with any upcoming shopping sprees. I see blog posts in your future.

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    • There’s a lot of things I’ve learned to just ‘go with’ over the years. Must be that inevitable aging process thing I keep hearing about…

      I just don’t know if I’m ready to just ‘go with’ sentience in plastics. That’s scary shit, man 😀

      It used to be I didn’t even bother looking over the clothing selection at Goodwill or St. Vinnies – because the stuff they had in my size was extremely limited and butt ugly to boot…the eternal lament of plus-sized people everywhere! Now that I’ve shrunk – there’s more butt ugly stuff available, but if you carefully paw your way through the abundance, you can find some pretty cool things carefully hidden away.

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  2. Funniest thing I’ve read in a long, long while! Great guffaws at this end of the blog-o-sphere.

    By the way, I am giving very careful consideration to Keto – sat in on a talk this afternoon. Two parents of an autistic child. When the boy was three, he was for all intents and purposes, mute. He displayed the usual autistic behaviours, including “stimming”, toe walking, and meltdowns when overwhelmed. They stumbled across the Keto diet in 1920’s medical literature that offered the diet by way of treating children with epilepsy. Within 7 days, the boy was cleared of his symptoms and spoke in complete sentences. There’s a lot more to their story, but bottom line, the entire family has adopted the diet to keep things simple. No regrets and they all look very healthy and fit.

    For me, there is lots to think about. Several hurdles in that I do not eat meat (eggs and fish yes) and as you read on my post, LDL cholesterol is borderline high, though I am told that the information by the Canadian Heart And Stroke Association is not accurate.

    My biggest concern is the other eater in our household. It’s a good thing that I’m halfway to Keto already in terms of not eating processed food and I do enjoy most of the foods on the list. He however, will balk at my eating butter and bringing meat back to the menu. Especially if it means that the grocery bill will be higher. I suppose I could try it for a year, and see how it goes.

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    • My little plastic pal and I are happy that we gave you giggles. I love to make people laugh…if I can’t spread a little mirth throughout the course of each and every day, I feel as if I haven’t done anything with that day.

      Good luck on getting the Mister on board with Keto. I can understand his reluctance – it’s still considered very much ‘fringe…’ and there’s a lot of BAAAAAD fringe out there when it comes to people’s eating habits.

      Just remember – keto is about high, and quality, fat intake, moderate protein intake, and low carb. Yes, a lot of the better quality fats are in meats…but you can still get enough protein without bringing those meats to the table. Eggs and fish are great choices – just dress them with fattier sauces (olive and/or cocount oil preparations, mayos, aiolis, etc…) to bring your fat ratio up. The biggest thing here is to severely limit the carb intake.

      My mid-day meal is always meatless. I have an Atkin’s bar (one of my few nods to the heavily processed stuff) a veggie, a couple slices of cheese, and some nuts. I’ve also occasionally skipped the bacon at breakfast, opting for just hard boiled eggs with my coffee & cream. Dinner is where I usually have something meaty.

      My suggestion for anyone thinking along keto lines is to dig through what’s available online…there are a LOT of bloggers out there who detail things a lot better than I do…hell, I pawed through their recipe offerings quite heavily when I started. Some good ones:

      I breathe, I’m hungry
      No bun please
      Caveman Keto
      Sugar-free Mom
      Ruled Me

      And I even jumped back and forth into some of the Reddit threads.

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