Let’s Discuss Underwear!


I’ve been in stretchy, ultra-comfy sports bras for a while – as I continue to shrink, more stretchy=longer wear life.  Unfortunately for the SQO, sports bras are neither sexy or conductive to activities of a bedroom nature…

He has to demand I FREE THE TATAS! instead of just doing it himself.

Sooooo – to better keep harmony in the bedroom and beyond, the DIL and I are planning an excursion into Madison this weekend for some **real** bra shopping…and I just happen to have the right blog post to get me in the right frame of mind as I go forth and procure a new undergarment for my boyfriend.

Bonus – I buy it ‘for him’ but get to wear it myself.  Doesn’t get any better than that 😀


Anyone else out there count their favorite time of day the glorious moment in time when you are home for the night – shedding outdoor and/or work clothing to slide into comfy pajamas – reveling in the freedom that comes from taking the bra OFF?

Yea…I live for that moment…

In ShapeAs my body shape will never be described as svelte, thin, shapely, or firm, bras have always been a constant source of aggravation.  The band is either too tight, too small, too loose, too big, too stretchy, not stretchy enough or difficult to fasten.



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4 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss Underwear!

  1. I’m sorry. I am absolutely speechless. I cannot relate similarly and anything I possibly might say about women’s undergarments in high likelihood may result in me being cyberslapped. However, I can empathize. So, I’ll just go and emph for a while. Enjoy shopping. And post shopping.

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    • Redress works as a word for me…but then again, I’m good at unintentionally adding new words to the English language. I’m certain nobody even notices when I do – our language is that messy to begin with.

      I’ve gotten to the point of not really caring if I have to run out for something after the work day has ended and freedom begun…I’ll run out without a bra on.

      Well…I’ll walk. S…L…O…W…L…Y. Don’t want black eyes 😀

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