7:45 AM B.C. (Before Coffee)


So…this was a morning…

I walked in to work – shocker, I know.


Plunked stuff down where I usually plunk it, took a breath, then organized for the morning of work.

Looked at my backpack, and saw that the side pocket where I slide my coffee cup was empty.




Oh…the HORROR!!!!


No coffee & cream in the AM?  How am I gonna function the entire work day if


That stuff a couple of months ago when I gave up coffee – yea – total fail there.


Then I turned to start my computer, steeling myself to a long and torturous, non-caffeinated day, and found my coffee cup sitting on the desk, where I’d just plunked it a minute before.


I don’t remember taking the cup out of its sleeve.

Yes…I’m less than a month away from the big one (Five-Oh…) and not really looking forward to it…but this C.R.S. stuff REALLY sucks.

How long before I wander aimlessly into a room, then forget why I went there?

16 thoughts on “7:45 AM B.C. (Before Coffee)

  1. It’s not age… it’s the walking. It muddled your brain. 😛 Fifty is middle age nowadays. Not even over the hill. You can’t even blame your age until you hit seventy anymore. ^_^

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      • I know! I looked forward to being 50 so I could blame my age on my wacky personality, but whenever I try, my friends (many of whom are older than me) are all like, “nah, you’re young yet, wait until you get to be my age”. >_< And the younger ones are all, "Please, my mom's way older than you and she's like… blah blah blah." I just can't win. Ha!

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  2. Wait… there’s a teapot in your blog title… do you make coffee in it? No wonder you’re forgetting stuff. Not your age, it’s the inter-dimensionality of coffee to tea transfer.


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