Spam…salty breakfast of Champions!

I occasionally browse my spam filter…usually when I’m bored, tired of games and facebook and general web browsing, or I’m frustrated with a chainmaille build.

Or sometimes…just ’cause…

Today – I peeked in the spammage…and came up with this gem for a user name:


Donald trump forming Convervative cannabis lobby

Now…I try my damnedest to keep politics off the T&T – there are plenty of other blogs out there who regularly churn out their take on the political landscape.  If that’s your thing, more power to ya.

But this was just too good not to share.  Hope it brings as much giggles to you as it did to me.


4 thoughts on “Spam…salty breakfast of Champions!

  1. Ah yes, reviewing the spam folder. Always good for a laugh. Lately, among the ads for my male piece enhancement and donations to questionable nonprofit organizations for world peace enhancement, I have been getting notices of how I can reduce or even eliminate my student loan debt. I haven’t had a student loan since 1983! And I took my time paying it off then.
    Oh, I like the SPAM in the blue can. By the time I got in the army they were serving it only once every couple of weeks. And if anybody asks, I like creamed chipped beef on toast also.

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    • Most of the stuff in my spam folder is for chicks. Guess I need a hot Russian wife who’s real freaky in bed.
      After all – same sex marriages are now legal in all 50 states 😀

      I dodged a bullet and didn’t end up with any student loans – I did online web courses for my real estate degree, and paid as I went along. I’ve since built that Associates’ Degree into a career in manufacturing administration. I think I may have retained maybe 10% of the knowledge I learned in R.E.

      Creamed chipped beef on toast – ahhhh…the good old shit on a shingle 😀

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