Earworm Alert

Dontcha just hate it when a song burrows its way into your head & is on playback ALL afternoon?

I just called myself a pagan on a blog comment…and immediately, this song queued up in the echoing cavern I sometimes call my inner mind.  It’s echoing weirdly in my head, but I’ll spare you the acoustics.

It’s a goofy little thing – I think I like this one just because, as the song goes on, the lead singer gets more and more intense.  He’s actually screaming the words by the end of it.

It’s pretty heavy metal, so those of you who dislike music played REALLY fast with heavy base overtones might want to keep the volume off.  What distinguishes this from other metal is – you can ACTUALLY understand what they’re singing, and none of the words are common 4 letter ones 😀



I guess I could actually be labeled a pagan by the greater Christian community, as I follow a (unnamed) faith other than theirs…I just don’t have a group to pal around with.

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