Yet another post about little metal rings in interesting configurations…

The pliers have been HOT, and the creation process boiling over in my head.  The muses must have gotten a hold of some serious caffeine pills.

Nothing stronger, thanks.  I don’t think I could handle THIS…


Got the Mobyzan hearts all lined up on Etsy and ready to publish, both the tutorial and the finished forms…just waiting until November 1st to do so, so October isn’t so ‘listing heavy’ when it comes time to renew the things.

I also started playing with the weave used to make the dice again.  The first time I went ‘off the tutorial’ I created collars from a single strip of the weave.

These ones, in case you’ve forgotten…

Shippo Tsunagi Choker

And I have once again wandered afield with this weave to pair it with a different focal.

See – I wanted to see how Metal Designz does their kits.  If I was going to approach them on kitting out either the Dragon or the Mobyzan, I wanted to assure myself that what they were sending people was quality stuff.  So I bought a new tutorial I’d drooled over for a while called  Her Majesty’s quilt  and picked up a kit from Metal Designz.

All for research, donchaknow (at least, that’s how I justified the spending 😀 )

Nice kits, if I do say so – I’m happy they’re going to be putting together supplies for the Mobyzan.

The Her Majesty’s Quilt necklace, when constructed as written, however, needed a bit of a punch up, as I was slightly unimpressed at the length of chain winding around the form.

Enter the muses with the aforementioned caffeine pills…

Because the weave used in the collars and the capture of the crystal in HMQ are both square – I thought “Why not?” and mashed the two together.


Can my muses cook, or what???

If any of you want to rip this beauty off my neck…it’s up on Etsy here.

5 thoughts on “Yet another post about little metal rings in interesting configurations…

  1. Oh, that’s beautiful. Makes me wish I could wear metal. But alas and alack, I cannot. It makes me itch horribly, even the hypoallergenic stuff. I have a cobalt (or is it tungsten? I forget) ring for a wedding ring and i have to take *that* off every once in awhile because it makes my finger itch.

    Anyway, your stuff is gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!!!

      I’ve got some weird sensitivities in my ears, but not the rest of me. For earrings, I can wear gold. Period. And they can’t be heavy earrings, either…the weight drives me insane.

      I also can’t have metal eyeglass temples…they have to be covered in plastic. My skin is acidic enough that I ‘eat’ through metal platings.

      Skin is weird…


    • Thanks!

      I think one of the best things about making stuff like this is getting to wear it out and about. I get a lot of compliments in the field, as it were.

      Maybe next year I’ll actually gather enough courage to throw up a tent & tables and sell my wares at the farmer’s market. We’ll see…

      Liked by 1 person

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