7 Days of B&W Photography

A new challenge popped up on Facebook recently…and it was one of those that I jumped at.

7 days in a row.  All black & white photos of your daily life.  No excess wordage, no cutesy phrases or long-winded explanations on why the photo came about…just the photo.  No people, no selfies, no pets.  Just scenes or situations or objects.  Of course, with most of these social media things these days, the request was ALSO to tag a person to join in.

Well, I didn’t do that.  I generally don’t do that.  But I did go through the 7 days, and actually added an 8th.

I’m gonna share out my week of B&W now, for your viewing pleasure…and if anyone feels the need to do a shot-a-day, I’d love to see the results 😀

day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8



8 thoughts on “7 Days of B&W Photography

    • The dragon is a camera hog – he LOVES to pose.

      One of these days, I gotta figure out how to get the Dude to sit upright on the Dragon’s back. I think the two of them together would generate lots of giggles.

      Technically, nobody tagged me in this photo challenge…I just decided I’d do it, and did. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, no?

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  1. The smurf looks somehow more charming in black and white. Interesting, no?

    I saw the challenge. Everywhere. People tagging this person, people tagging that person. Did anyone tag me? Hm? No, no they did not. [deep pouting face emoji here]

    Then! One day! I was tagged!

    Did I participate?

    Nah. Not interested, thanks.

    I am so immature sometimes.

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    • I think people stopped tagging me in challenges on the evil book of faces because I generally DON’T do the challenges. No way an electronic time-sink is gonna tell me what to do with my spare time…and no way am I going to add to the madness by tagging my friends to guilt-participate.

      Just the opposite of immature – we’re all grown up, and don’t bow to peer pressure. I felt the desire to run a series of B&W shots, so I did…not because someone challenged me to do so…but because I wanted to.

      One of my all-time favorite shots is in B&W – the SQO was walking up the train tracks into the sun. It turned out to be a perfect composition – the tracks trisected the framed shot, I got some lens flare from the setting sun, and if you look at the image long enough, you can see the track walker both coming toward the camera and walking away from it. I’ll have to stick that shot back up on the blog soon 😀

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