Is it Cold in here?

Imma go on record, here…


I miss my back fat.

Not that I miss the back PROBLEMS that went along with the 80ish pounds I’ve managed to displace – or the knee, hip, feet and various other complaints that went with the weight…but…

HOWINHELL do skinny people stay WARM in this Gods-forsaken climate???

Right now, I’m wearing 4 layers

  • an undershirt, tucked into the waistband of my pants.
  • blouse, red/black floral pattern heavy velveteen
  • the hooded vest I wear under my winter jacket
  • a button-down sweater for those chilly times


I think I understand now why, a month or 2 ago, appetite reared its ugly head, and I wanted to eat everything in sight – my body was trying to fatten me up so I had some insulation against the cold.

Wake me in the spring, OK?

14 thoughts on “Is it Cold in here?

  1. Oh I hear you. And I live I the tropics compared to you. Well it is the southern half of Pennsylvania. I lost 125 pounds over 3 years and each one ended with a colder than the year before winter. This year I splurged and put 3 pounds back on since the end of summer. Nope. Didn’t help. At least I’m content in the knowledge that I’ll leave a svelte popsicle corpse.

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    • You lost a person – congrats on that!

      You’re a little further south than I am – but I’d imagine what really sets your weather a bit warmer than mine is that big pond of water. At this point, I’d take it – even if it puts home & hearth in the path of the occasional hurricane.

      I can’t freeze solid – I’ve got too many chainmaille things to make 😀

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  2. Ha ha…to think it isn’t even that cold yet! Gotta love our Wisconsin winters…Great post! I’ve always wondered if our bodies know and try to fatten us up a bit. Time to huddle indoors and write. The dark dreary days are the worst! Yesterday I had the space heater on at work. It was so dark that the outside lights came on during the day. I could barely keep my eyes open. Time to hibernate I think…

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    • I caved yesterday and put my space heater on as well…I hate to use the thing because it’s loud and I spend a lot of time on the phone.

      I’ve tried to convince my boss that a 13 week hibernation vacation should be standard up here in the frozen riverlands…but she just told me to get back to work.

      someday, maybe 😀

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  3. Do you have a Uniqlo near you? I survive by wearing their heat-tech tops and leggings under my clothes. It really really helps.

    If not, keep drinking hot tea (you can hold the cup to keep you warm) and do star jumps to warm up!!

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      • It’s just a cheap(ish) Japanese brand that sells really really good warm layers, They are thin, but somehow manage to keep me warm. You can probably find them online. 🙂

        And then keep bitching about the weather anyway!

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  4. My thyroid makes it so I never get warm, losing weight just compounds that. ^_^ It doesn’t really get that cold here in WA, but I have a hard time warming up. I think skinny people are just used to it. Like I got used to the heat in The South.

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  5. This is a fine question. Between losing fat and the physiological adaptations that go with spending a lot of time working very hard in very warm ballet studios, I have definitely become a hothouse flower.

    Yesterday, after class, D and I went to see the rebroadcast of the Bolshoi’s *The Taming of the Shrew,* and even with thick ballet tights, socks, French Terry joggers, a shirt, a hoodie, my autumn jacket, and a hat on, I was cold the whole time.

    Meanwhile, three seats to my left, a pair of elderly ladies seemed very comfortable wearing only indoor clothes.

    I don’t recall being this cold all the time when I weighed 70 pounds more than I do now!

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    • I feel you – lots of layers, and the cold still creeps up the spine.

      The movie theater by me recently put in their heated recliners…believe me, when the SQO and I went to see Thor a couple of weeks ago, I had that thing on max…and I was finally WARM. Totally worth the extra $5 per seat.

      Congrats on the 70 pounds lighter! Keep on ballet-ing 😀


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