I’m Firing the Iron Chef

Now, I cut my cable probably a good 6 years ago.  I get no regular TV programming in the house.  For those 6 years, I’ve gotten all my boob tube interaction with content on various streaming platforms.  A couple of months ago, the kids decided to get a Hulu account to add to our streaming diets.

I’m happier than a cupcake addict in a bakery – they have a ton of programming from the Food Network.

My personal favorites are Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Iron Chef…so I’ve been binge-watching these in the evenings.

Although, binge-listening might be more appropriate here…as most nights I’ve got the tube on as background noise as I go about my evenings solidly focused on little metal jump rings.


This afternoon, I realized my watching/listening habits might have to change out just a bit.  I’ve had the theme music for Iron Chef/America playing in my head on a continuous loop all afternoon.

Mr Chairman, you’re FIRED!