Continued Adventures in Goodwill

Once again, I took to the wilds of retail Waukesha in search of second-hand clothing.  I’m finally figuring out how to dress this new, less-insulated meat-suit I inhabit, and, as such, need additional layers to keep me semi-warm during the freeze.

And when I say Freeze, I mean it.  It’s barely begun to get cold up here in Wisconsin, yet I really, really feel it.  By January, I might just be cold enough to have my fingers stick to the keyboard.

So if a future post looks like:


You’ll know what happened.

My search was certainly off-season.  They’re putting out all the long sleeve shirts, sweaters (especially the ugly Christmas ones) and outer-wear.  I was searching for camisoles, preferably spaghetti strappy ones, that are longer than most, and stretchy.

Sadly, I didn’t find any of those – I might have to go full retail…


But, not one to let a second hand store selection go to waste – I found some new material for a super-spectacular blog post!

In the “Smoking Hot” category:

Velvet Smoking Jacket



I really – REALLY hated to pass this one up, because who doesn’t need a big, full-length, black velvet smoking jacket to casually lounge around casual lounges in?

Oh…wait…I don’t casually lounge in casual lounges…especially when there are casual people trying to act all casual…

So it stayed on the rack…




In the ‘Welcome to the Jungle” category:

Animal Print Turtleneck close up


I love animal print as much as the next person – but when they’ve stylized the animal print to incorporate actual  animal heads…sorry, I just had to say no…



Animal Print turtleneck



Oh…and turtle-neck sweaters?  Double no – they just don’t FEEL right, but could be useful if I was … say … robbing a bank.


Can you imagine the witness statement?






The Runner up – In the “Offset” category:

Fluffy Vest Combo



Now, I was searching for warmth – and this WAS warm – but there were too many zippers involved.  This had an inner zipper on the right side, and the outer zipper on the left side.  I almost zipped myself into an alternate reality while trying it on.  I’ll stick to symmetrical garments in the future.



As an aside…look at the freaking FOREARM in this totally gansta shot…This is what 2+ years of chainmailling will do for the definition in your arms.







And the winner of the evening:
The ‘Game of Garments’ category:

Tetris Shirt Leaning



I will forever and after regret not bringing the Twister Pants home with me and having them altered to fit…not so with this.  There was no entity on the face of this Earth that could have removed this shirt from my cart.

I now am the proud owner of this “I loved Tetris so much I must wear it on my back!” shirt.  Just having it in my closet elevates my ‘weird’ status…and to wear it out of the house?


I can’t wait to blind random passers-by with this ‘Louder than my iPod’ garment.










10 thoughts on “Continued Adventures in Goodwill

  1. But, but… I like turtleneck sweaters. Actually, that’s a lie. I like cowl neck sweaters. I know that many people don’t, but I think they’re kinda cool. ^_^ As for warmth, I’m all about the shawls. I knit and crochet them. Soon, they’ll be calling me the crazy shawl lady around here. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like cowl necks, too…there’s a bit more room between the fabric and the neck.

      What’s odd, is that I can wear a turtle-neck style if the fabric is light and/or stretchy, though. I’ve a couple of sleeveless tops that have the tighter neck and they look good on me. Add in bulk, and it’s a no-go.

      Knit & crochet? That’s a good investment of time, there, because it takes a lot of it to make a shawl. You should share some photos of some of your pieces 😀


      • There are some photos on my blog… under the tag “crafty” or sumthin’… and some on my old blog ( which I’m still deciding what to do with… But I’m awful at taking pictures, so I forget to most of the time. ^_^ Right now, I’m sitting on my recliner with a crocheted throw, a knitted shawl, and a crocheted shawl on my lap. It’s quite toasty. Shawls are just half blankets when you think about it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You have some neat repurposing stores. I never see good stuff like you do and I even look in the women’s sections just to make sure that it’s only the men around here who discard boring stuff. Not to fear though, I am always on the lookout for Twister Pants. Some day when you least expect it I’ll comment on a random blog that I have a package to send you. Until then, I love that shirt!

    Liked by 1 person

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