Wheels & Things


This morning, when I opened up my email, I got an interesting come-on from the car dealership I bought one of my last cars from:


Well, this is just fabulous.  I can get a newer car!

Currently, I drive what can only be called a ‘beater.’  My Honda CR-V just reached its majority…at 18 years old, it can now vote, buy cigarettes, enlist and die for its country, and drive itself.  It still can’t buy alcohol, which is a good thing, because I don’t think the world is ready for drunk-self-driving cars yet.

AND I can get a $500.00 gift card.  I know damn good and well they can’t lower my payment, because I own the car outright.  Unless they’re willing to PAY me to take a new(er) vehicle off their lot, they can’t go any lower than what I’m already paying per month to finance my car ^_^


Think I should try it?

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