I find myself without much story fodder these days.  I don’t wanna pour mourning all over you guys, because that’s just not right.  This is a fun blog, not one mired in darkness.  There are other places on the wwweb for people pouring their hearts out while dealing with loss.

I’m just not THAT public a person with my emotions…but I am still here, and still dealing, and still going forward with my plans of world domination beautification one smiling face at a time…

So when the words come, I’ll share them.

I have buried myself in work, both the job that pays the bills, and the little metal ring kind I enjoy doing at home.  A couple different forms have captured most of my attention lately.

The Angels sprouted all over my workbench earlier in the month.  They kept me under control.  Most of these went to the funeral with me.  None of them came home.  It was my way to spread just a bit of sunshine at a rather dark occasion.

I’m considering this choir of angels part of the Art Abandonment project.  Even though I didn’t leave the little forms to the fates to disburse (I handed them out directly), the thought was the same…and family at the gathering was certainly in need of a bit of beauty.

and…the angel was Mom’s most cherished religious icon…she LOVED angels, and the fates guided my creation process toward the form.  I can think of nothing more telling as to what I should have done with all the little gems I’d created in between bouncing messages back and forth for arrangements.

The other chainmaille form that’s been getting a lot of quality time is the rubber ducky form.

1st rubber ducky

This little guy…

I didn’t do much to the form after the initial build.  The base was extremely solid at the outset, and all I really needed to do was a few minor adjustments to attaching the head so it was more stable.  So in between and after angels, I built duckies to tighten up my notes, and write out a formal tutorial.

Oh, and I bought a host of different colors for the little guys…even though the big rings in the body have to be limited to stainless steel or brass (the softer metals just do NOT work with the amount of tension I’ve got in this weave!), the small connectors are THICK rings with a tiny opening.  THEY come in lots of colors.

Let me introduce you to the team I’ve built so far:

Cover no words

This photo, and the simple black & white meme behind it, brought a smile to my face, the camera up and active, and spurred a whole host of comments on the chain mail group of mine on that oh, so evil book of faces…

One of my go-to suppliers of little metal rings is a place in Canada called (of all things!) The Ring Lord.  Precision cut, polished, and colored rings for chainmaille enthusiasts like me are what they DO…. and they’re good at it.  They’ve also got wicked senses of humor (must be the cold climate!) so from time to time I’ll drop ’em a special little note with an order.

When I placed the order for more rings to further experiment with the rubber ducky pattern, I couldn’t resist attaching this note:  “Would you believe me if I said these rings were for a rubber duck?”

In response, they stuck that picture on the back of my package.  It was an immediate smile-inducing addition to my mail, and I’ve thanked them in the most flattering way possible – by clipping that sticker from the mailing envelope, and including it as the cover shot of the Duck YEAH tutorial I wrote out.


I think I’m gonna frame it 😀

In the meantime – here are some more duckies…

Imma sing a certain bathtime song now…


7 thoughts on “So…Much…Duck…

    • Thank you! It really is one of the funnest patterns I’ve created, and I just can’t stop making different ones with alternate color schemes.

      I’ve got a few of them already listed out on my Etsy shop, with more waiting in the wings for their turn in the spotlight.


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