The Green Room

I do believe it’s starting to get warmer out there.


Granted, it’s only the end of February, and I’m sure that Mother Nature has been off her meds the entire month…but it will actually be warm enough to WALK TO WORK tomorrow.

I’ve been stuck in the car all winter long…and I really, REALLY miss my quiet time before and after work.

Maybe I’ll see how well my little plastic buddy has fared through the cold winter months.


In the meantime…there’s an apartment complex I walk past on my way to and from my car every day…they have this little shrubbery




that the building owners keep decorated for the season.  Seeing how the next holiday coming up is St. Patty’s day (a big one in a state that accepts any excuse to drink beer!) so I stopped and grabbed a couple of photos.  It’s not Monty Python…but it’ll do.



6 thoughts on “The Green Room

  1. Every time someone says “a path” I hear “a path! a path!” from that same scene. ^_^ Enjoy your walk tomorrow. It’s actually snowing on and off here. Winter came late to our neck of the woods.

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    • Drunken shrubbery! LMAO!

      I intend to make the most of a nice day and get out and walk in the sunshine. Walked in to work this morning, and REALLY looking forward to the hoof home.

      I think my walking shoes missed me over the winter, but they forgive my lack of attention 😀

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