Don’t Tell ANYONE!

Especially the little old lady who’s in charge of the weather…I’ve come to the time in my year when I start obsessively watching the weather…


And I’ve got a couple of days this week where I should be able to hoof it to work again!


Yea, I’m pretty excited at the prospect of once again pounding the pavement before and after I spend 8 hours in an office chair staring at the spreadsheets from hell.

One of the nicer hells, though…not the 7th…

So watch this space…you never know what I’m gonna find when I’m out in the wild 😀


journey copy

8 thoughts on “Don’t Tell ANYONE!

  1. I won’t say anything but I think Mother Nature has it in for me. I was looking outside to the brightest, most beautiful looking afternoon. Until I stepped outside. Brrr. Freezing temps and high winds. I wish you better luck dealing with her while it’s still March.

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    • I’ve seen that demotivation poster before…always gets a chuckle.

      The photo in mine is one of mine…it’s the SQO standing on a huge pile of rocks just off one of the beaches on Lake Michigan.

      It’s been a couple of years since I was down there. Maybe this summer I’ll take a camera again.

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