More Salty Goodness


I flitted through the dread spam filter again, just because I was slightly terrified of recent home events, and needed the distraction.  The spammers kinda disappointed.  There was the usual offerings of little blue pills to get my dick hard, hot Russian wives, and word vomit.

I still can’t believe there are THAT many rant generators on the ‘web.  Check out this one for machine-existentialism:  New Age BS Generator 


and then…there was this little piece:

ᎳE WILL.? They eacһ shouted and they ran to the bed room
bickering about who gets to go firѕt.

This…I can actually use.  It’s the perfect opening sentence for a flash fiction piece.

That particular muse is, right now and at this very moment, yawning and demanding bacon and coffee.  She needs breakfast (and a LOOOOONG shower) before getting back to work, but she’s been in hibernation for quite some time, so should be equal to the task.

Rose lineup Flash Fiction


6 thoughts on “More Salty Goodness

  1. You are clearly more popular than I am. I never get anything as cool as the NABS Generator. Just people wanting my body and my credit score. Foolish them on both counts. Oddly though, the last time I cleaned our my spam folder there was a legitimate comment misdirected to the dregs.
    Good luck to your muse. Coffee and bacon for all of them!

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    • You think they’re still smarting over their brand name being appropriated by the web, and given the backhanded designation of ‘something unwanted?’

      You think they’d be used to it by now, given their product 😀

      (no offense intended for the spam lovers out there)

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