Adventures in Dentistry


We’ve had an unusual amount of focus on teeth in the household recently.  A couple of weeks ago, one of my teeth decided it NEEDED a root canal, and I spent about a week trying to convince it it didn’t.

In case you’re wondering – The tooth won that argument.

My son discovered he had an infection brewing under one of his molars.  He needed a dose of really potent antibiotics to stop the insanity, and some hard-core pro-biotic stuff to replace what the antibiotics killed in his gut.

And – the DIL(2B) had her wisdom teeth forcibly removed by a qualified dental practitioner on Thursday.

There are WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many soft foods (yaknow – the ones that don’t require any actual chewing) in my fridge right now.  It’s like we all suddenly reverted to infants for a week.

So let’s all stand up and give a big, warm round of applause to the Dental Industry – for whom without we’d all be REALLY pissy with aching teeth…


Yea…I hate dentists, too.  But you gotta admit, they’re a necessary evil.

ANYway… I decided to take the kids out to a good, chewy dinner the night before S had her procedure done – kind of a ‘last meal for the condemned,’ thing, as we at least knew in advance she wasn’t going to be doing more than mushing her food between her tongue and the roof of her mouth for a few days.  Coincidentally, it was also a night that none of us wanted to cook.

I’d call that a win/win…

So she diligently researched on the web for ‘good’ Chinese restaurants (a relative term…as all taste buds vary) – picked one that was fairly close, had some good reviews, and we hadn’t been to before.  Because it was virgin territory – I plugged the address into the Garmin.

Yea…let’s discuss my GPS…

The GPS and I have a rather unique relationship.  Usually, I have a pretty clear idea in my head on where I need to go, my preferred route, and until I get to the twisty bits at the end, which is where I actually NEED the GPS’s input, I’m pretty self-directing.  Garmin, unfortunately, has other ideas – and idolizes the insanity which is our road-construction plagued freeway system as much as I loathe it.   We spend most of our trips arguing back and forth.

Garmin:  Turn left on Road…

Me:  No.  You are NOT putting me on 94!

Garmin:  Make U-turn on Road.  Then proceed….

Me:  NO!

Garmin:  Recalculating…

Yes, I actually speak to (yell at) my GPS in the car…

For those of you wondering why I don’t simply turn on the Garmin when I need it – I ask:  have you ever tried to poke at a touch screen mounted on your windshield when your car is in motion?  I’d rather argue with the thing than have a head-on collision – so we fight.  I’ve more-or-less affectionately nicknamed the thing the Nagagator.

This trip was different, however.  I guess the restaurant was far enough away from the freeway that Garmin didn’t try to put me on it, and I was happy to follow her clipped instructions for a change…


Because she took me on the scenic route – I found something to point my camera at.  I almost got whiplash when we passed the HUGE Chinese dragon on the way to the restaurant.

I had no idea a Buddhist Temple existed just outside Waukesha.  The grounds are small but well-tended, the building is a confection of little Eastern Details, and the atmosphere oozes serenity.

We stopped on the way home from dinner so I could put the HUGE dragon in my camera’s frame, spent out time roaming the grounds to breathe in the rightness of its aura, and got to listen to the parishioners chanting for their evening rituals through the open windows.

By the time we left the grounds, S was vibrating with happiness.  I believe her exact words were “BEST trip EVER!”

I wasn’t stingy with the camera, either.  Here are some of my favorite shots:


I might have mentioned the BIG ass dragon a time or two???



These are my compatriots in fur-taming, teeth and adventure…my son and DIL(2B).  I might have mentioned them a time or two, too…



They had little statues all over the place, blended into the foliage.



SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThey even had an outdoor shrine all set up.



This is got to be one of the neatest things I saw – there’s a face in the knobby bark of this tree.



All in all…it was a pretty fantastic day for us.