A Tale of Two Mousies

Computer mice have gotten a lot more sophisticated over the years.  what started as a little ball embedded in a cocoon of plastic and tiny rubber wheels has given way to lasers and infrared and bluetooth and scroll pads and other technological sorcery to give the end user almost telepathic connectivity to their computers.

I just found this one today – they’re calling it The Flying Mouse.


You see it yet?  It’s strapped to his wrist!

I had a wireless mouse – ancient tech when measured against being able to flutter your hands about and make the computer respond to you – but not so ancient it still has a tail.  This summer, I rather rudely banged the little red plastic guy with my elbow, and he bounced off the hardwood floor.

Shockingly enough, he survived his rough treatment and still communicated with my computer.

When he felt like it.

See – I kinda look at our tech-saturated world with different eyes.  Electronic devices aren’t simply plastic and wire and silicon bits powered by electricity and communicating with each other through fiber-optic cables…

All our bits of tech are actually an extremely advanced race of superbeings.
Vastly more intelligent than we poor, primitive meat-sacks are.
And they co-habitate with us in an effort to study this lesser species and learn about us.


Sooooo – my mouse took a nose-dive off my desk, and bounced at least twice on my hardwood floor.  I think it never forgot this attack on it’s little plastic person, and spent the next 6 months torturing me.

It’d track fine for awhile, then become semi-unresponsive.  It would sometimes initiate a click when I hadn’t pushed the appropriate button.  The pointer would occasionally wander drunkenly across the computer screen even when the mouse wasn’t being moved.

I used to tell people it was possessed.  I finally realized it wasn’t an evil spirit…it was just PISSED at me for not taking better care of it.

So this Christmas, the kids went out and bought me a new mouse.  I celebrated by throwing the old, full-of-attitude one across the room where it shattered rather excitedly.

So everyone take a brief moment to welcome the little purple guy.

New Mouse

It’s always the simple things that make your day wonderful 😀


I Miss my Images

I’ve been having random fights with my PC.  It likes to crash when I’m not looking.  About 2 weeks ago – it crashed and stayed crashed.


I blame Windows 10.  All this nonsense started when Microsoft did a stealth update on my computer.

Did I ask for Windows 10?  No – seeing though every time the little prompt came up –


I told the damn computer, No, I really, REALLY don’t want this.

I guess Microsoft thought they knew best, because one night, when the world was quiet and zzzz’s were being issued from the bedrooms upstairs…those sneaky little f**kers slapped 10 into my 6 year old PC without so much as a by-your-leave.

electronic rape, anyone?

I was perfectly OK with the Windows 7 OS that came with the PC – although, to be perfectly honest, XP was my favorite out of the Microsoft bunch.

10.  Really.  Sucks.  Not only do you have to deal with a perky, bubbly Cortana down on the left corner of the screen chirping “Ask me ANYTHING!”, she continually suggests that the Edge browser she’s tied to is far superior to the Firefox browser I’ve been running for 5 years.

She regularly disses Chrome, too…

Edge sucks more than Windows 10 and Internet Explorer combined.

Currently, I’m stuck on a little laptop…yet another Windows product, but a non-crashing one.

The problem with my laptop?  It doesn’t have any of my Excel workbooks (Keto & Chainmaille), any of my Word documents, Photoshop, or any of my images.

6 years of serious/semi-serious/goofy photo work – all stuck in a PC that my Eldest is still working on getting back to running status.  So far, he’s managed to remove 10, and reinstall 7 – but he still needs to update some of the drivers in the thing…

Gawd…I miss my image files…

So I’m gonna share out some of my favorites which are stuck in this WordPress storage site – for nostalgia…


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