At least it’s over…for now




I woke up this morning, and The Donald is now the Prez-elect.

I have to admit – I kinda saw this one coming.  But, still….


WTF, America?

Ya wanna know why we now have a megalomaniac loudmouth wildcard with delusions of Godhood packing his bags in anticipation of picking out curtains for the White House?


This country has become increasingly agitated over it’s (lack of) representation.  For decades the average American citizen has been patted on the head like an errant child, and dismissed to their bedroom while ‘the adults’ screw up all the really important decisions in increasingly unpleasant ways.

Like all children who sneak downstairs on Christmas Eve to see Daddy slipping packages under the tree – enough of America has had the illusions of this imposed childhood wonder stripped away to see that sorry, Virginia…Santa Claus is only a creepy old guy hired by the mall, who smells of cheap tobacco and openly hates kids.

It pays the rent…

This entire election season has been a series of temper-tantrums.  Each of the Political Super-Monopoly-Parties has theirs, the individual candidates had theirs, and last night, the general population had a turn.  All these tantrums were of  the floor-kicking, blue-faced screaming outrage kind – the type of spoiled-kid reaction that happens when said child finds out the big, shiny box under the Christmas tree contains, not the ultimate dream-toy, but  their older brother’s hand-me-down underwear.

Money is tight…life is hard.  All you get…is a Christmas card…

This country needs to be firmly turned over a parental knee and spanked soundly.

With a REALLY BIG wooden spoon.

Having the White House convert from Black to Orange for the next 4 years is quite the punishment.  Wonder how long it’ll be until we can sit comfortably on a hard chair again??