Ducks, Clocks, Sunshine and Bananas

I make no apologies for the content of this post…I need to drain the brain, such as it were, so be warned…weirdness inside…

now that I’ve scared off the timid… 

Last night, I went to my favorite ring vendor to drool, dream, and torture my credit card.  What do I see front and center?


The duckies are spreading 😀

And how appropriate – for a Tweet to appear featuring one of them?  Maybe I can convince Twitter to start calling them ‘Quacks’ instead of ‘tweets?’

To celebrate, I went to my Etsy account, and scheduled a sale…from March 22nd to the 29th, I’ll be knocking off 15% of the sale price of any of the Duck YEAH sculptures listed on the site, so I can spread them far and wide.



And, in COMPLETELY unrelated news…we’ve shifted our clocks again to be on daylight savings time.  Not sure what daylight I’m saving by this move (as far as I can tell, the sun shines the length of time it’s gonna shine no matter what our clocks say…), and I’ve gone from getting out of bed while the sun is JUUUUST peeking around the buildings to it being dark and cold again.  I’m sure there was some little toadie in some office somewhere in this country who thought it would be nice to get up BEFORE the sun, and everyone should be so ‘lucky.’

To which I say “Dude…get a damn cat, and leave the food bowls empty overnight.”  I can guarantee you’ll be getting up at Feed-me-O’Clock and the rest of us can sleep in!



And…slightly related but yea, that’s a stretch here…I had a hard time falling to sleep last night, partly because of the yearly issue with the aforementioned clocks and sun, but also because I had an earworm running rather loudly in my head.

The fun part (or annoying, as this one was chasing off the illusive ZZZ’s…) it the worms were singing it wrong.  I now am utterly convinced there’s a line in Weird Al’s ‘Tacky” song that goes…

“banana-flavored love machine…”


I may have to step away from the iPod for a few days…

I’m Firing the Iron Chef

Now, I cut my cable probably a good 6 years ago.  I get no regular TV programming in the house.  For those 6 years, I’ve gotten all my boob tube interaction with content on various streaming platforms.  A couple of months ago, the kids decided to get a Hulu account to add to our streaming diets.

I’m happier than a cupcake addict in a bakery – they have a ton of programming from the Food Network.

My personal favorites are Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Iron Chef…so I’ve been binge-watching these in the evenings.

Although, binge-listening might be more appropriate here…as most nights I’ve got the tube on as background noise as I go about my evenings solidly focused on little metal jump rings.


This afternoon, I realized my watching/listening habits might have to change out just a bit.  I’ve had the theme music for Iron Chef/America playing in my head on a continuous loop all afternoon.

Mr Chairman, you’re FIRED!





Earworm Alert

Dontcha just hate it when a song burrows its way into your head & is on playback ALL afternoon?

I just called myself a pagan on a blog comment…and immediately, this song queued up in the echoing cavern I sometimes call my inner mind.  It’s echoing weirdly in my head, but I’ll spare you the acoustics.

It’s a goofy little thing – I think I like this one just because, as the song goes on, the lead singer gets more and more intense.  He’s actually screaming the words by the end of it.

It’s pretty heavy metal, so those of you who dislike music played REALLY fast with heavy base overtones might want to keep the volume off.  What distinguishes this from other metal is – you can ACTUALLY understand what they’re singing, and none of the words are common 4 letter ones 😀



I guess I could actually be labeled a pagan by the greater Christian community, as I follow a (unnamed) faith other than theirs…I just don’t have a group to pal around with.