Email from the Apocalypse (wish I weren’t here)


Welcome to the Birth of the End-of-All-Dreams.  I shall be your tour guide.

Your story teller.

Your lesson planner and teacher.

I am pleased to announce the new life which has just been thrust upon you- the journey in which you will, quite outside your own free will, be embarking in mere moments.

You still have free will, I assure you … but your options have narrowed to two selections:  survive, or die.

It’s time to choose one of these options.  I suggest you choose wisely.


If you are reading this than you, like the majority of your population, live more or less comfortably – within your safely enclosed bubble within your enormous apartment building,  windows firmly shuttered and doors securely locked against untoward (and potentially unsettling) outside influences.  You venture outside this little bubble two or three times a day for work and food, head hung low and back hunched slightly to avoid those before-mentioned outside influences.  The rest of your life is trusted to your electronic gizmos to artificially attach you to the rest of the world.  At this point, I’m willing to bet you’ve completely forgotten what the sky is supposed to look like.

So you’ve undoubtedly not noticed the unusual weather patterns going on right outside your walls.

Put down your phone, and open those curtains now.

16195713738_5be17f622eTrust me.  I don’t care that your weather app says its a beautiful day, that your news app is reporting all is serene, your social apps are showing you the latest one-line diversion or amusing argument, or that your job app says your 12 o’clock deadline is 15 minutes away.


Your life deadline is due in 10.  Go look out your window.

No, you’re not going mad.  The sky has never been that exact shade of muddy-reddish-orange-black before, has never held that sparkling particulate matter before, and has never rolled toward the city in that solid a mass before.

And you’ve always been able to see through the atmosphere before, to view as much of the horizon as your surroundings would allow.

Scared yet?  You should be.

That solid/moving particulate mass is going to eat your apartment.  It’s going to eat your building.  It’s going to eat the neighboring buildings, too.  In fact, that mass is going to eat everything Mankind has constructed as a means to separate itself from the rest of the natural world.  Any individual caught in this feeding frenzy will be…

Well, let’s just say Humanity has the numbers to spare…

The choice is yours, now.  Abandon your constructs, or become a corpse.

Choose wisely.