There was this scene from ‘Clueless’ quite a while ago which keeps popping into my head… she was planning a romantic night with her current ‘man of her dreams’ and he wanted to watch the original Spartacus.  Only in the monologue, she pronounced it Sporadic-us…so I’ve blatantly stolen that little bit of giggle for my blog post.

If you’re unfamiliar with the movie Clueless, it came out in the mid-90’s – it starred Alicia Sliverstone playing the part of an extremely shallow teenager with unlimited funds coming of age.  There are a lot of little leavening bits like the one I’ve stolen, but overall, it’s a good, silly little flick.

Which has to bring me to the meat & taters of this post.  I’ll probably be a little Sporadic-us in my postings for the next couple of months, because I’m FINALLY buying a house!

Yea, life-changing event.  Saving for the future.  Largest investment.  30 YEAR mortgage!

So while the bank is combing through every inch of my financial history, while the seller and listing agent are attempting to keep my interest high, while the credit card is sweating bullets with all the STUFF I have to get to maintain the home, while the entire team are working on justifying lending this single, 50 year old woman a metric shit-ton of money…well, let’s just say, they may be keeping me a bit too busy to regularly tackle the blog.

On the other hand, you may well get a number of posts from me bemoaning the entire process and how intrusive it feels.  There may even be tears.  We’ll just have to wait and see how the words hit the screen.

Any time that’s not taken up with jumping through all the hoops of high-property finance will be properly winnowed away by the little gremlins in my head who are screaming and breaking things because they HATE moving!

Right now, they’re enacting this enchanting scene from 300…


Wish me calm…I need it!

Wheels & Things


This morning, when I opened up my email, I got an interesting come-on from the car dealership I bought one of my last cars from:


Well, this is just fabulous.  I can get a newer car!

Currently, I drive what can only be called a ‘beater.’  My Honda CR-V just reached its majority…at 18 years old, it can now vote, buy cigarettes, enlist and die for its country, and drive itself.  It still can’t buy alcohol, which is a good thing, because I don’t think the world is ready for drunk-self-driving cars yet.

AND I can get a $500.00 gift card.  I know damn good and well they can’t lower my payment, because I own the car outright.  Unless they’re willing to PAY me to take a new(er) vehicle off their lot, they can’t go any lower than what I’m already paying per month to finance my car ^_^


Think I should try it?