Mystery in the Powder Room

As most of us spend 8+ hours/5 days per week at a job that’s not attached to our home, most business locations feature restroom facilities – unless your employer requires you to be male and outdoorsy, in which case there are plenty of trees to choose from.

just stay away from electric fences…


For a little better than a week now in my employer’s bathroom – this has been sitting on top of the toilet paper in the stall I frequent:




Given that 420 was less than 2 weeks ago, and this was a popular meme on Facebook at the same time – it’s not hard to connect a few dots and visualize this little cup having a purpose other than what it was created for…


The company I work for is a large-scale food manufacturer, and this is one of our sample containers.  Now…how it got from the shop floor, across the warehouse floor, up the stairs, and into the business office’s ladies room is one mystery – and the reason it hasn’t vanished is a second, bonus mystery.

Personally, I just find it hysterical.  Any time I’ve needed a laugh in the past week, I just go potty.


***Official Disclaimer***

Although I haven’t personally indulged in botanical recreation for a long…LONG time, I have no trouble supporting those who do.  With all the atrocities committed by one human on another human in this world, we could all do a lot worse than absorbing a chemical substance who’s only side effects are calmness, relaxedness, and a penchant for crunchy, salty snacks.

And – if you believe the hype – a potential cure for some cancers.

So…blaze on, my friends, if you so desire – we need all the relaxed, calm, ‘I need Potato Chips!’ people this world can give us.



WHAT is mightier than the pen???

I’ve pretty much decided I like this new home for the blog on WordPress – so I’ll be moving some of my favorite old posts over here.  This originally was posted on Google’s T&T on October 18th.

PenIt’s amazing what you can find when you start typing in strange requests of Google.  Today, I found a gem in a pen refill.

I work in an office.  While working, I use a pen…frequently.  Useful things, pens…as they are handy for jotting down notes, doodling, scratching hard-to-reach-places, pointing at things, and a host of other spur-of-the-moment things you need that slender object in your hand to do.


I have a favorite pen.

Within everyone’s lives, they acquire ‘favorite’ things – stuff that they use or gaze upon on a daily basis.  It’s hardwired into our brains to recognize things we come into contact with repeatedly, and to attach a feeling of familiarity to them.

With that said – I’m attached to this favorite pen of mine.

This particular pen was received as a freebie from a marketing company years ago, pre-branded with the company’s name on its shiny red barrel.  It was addressed to the owner of my company, who preferred the cheap plastic ones he could chew on – so I acquired it in his stead.  Funny enough…about a week after the pen (and the included marketing come-on) arrived at the office, I received a call from the marketing company wanting to know how “He was enjoying his free pen.”

Dontcha just love salesmen?

Well…I enjoy my lovely little pen M-F, 9 to 5, excluding Holidays and Vacation time  – it has a nice feel and weight to it that you don’t get from your cheaper disposables, and so continue to buy the replacement ink cartridges for it.  Alas…the name of the marketing company and salesman who called those many years ago has been lost in the darkest corners of my memory.

But I still have the pen.

Would you believe  –  –  I’ve chased co-workers across the office for my pen?   Quite unconsciously, a borrower will occasionally attempt to become a thief – especially at the beginning of the work day before the coffee has kicked in.

After 7 or 8 years of superb service, my pen has become quite unique amongst pens (that ‘I’ve been front line on several wars’ finish is unmistakable) so it’s easy to single out from the plethora of cheap disposable Bic ballpoints inhabiting my co-worker’s desks…even when I don’t catch the thief in the act.

Well – the refill ran out of ink today.  Yea, it happens.  It just shouldn’t have happened so soon based on my normal usage.

Soooo – frustrated with my brand of ink refill                        – into Google I go.

THE first thing to show up?  This gem

I haven’t had this good a giggle in a while.  The level of snark – NINJA.

I’ll be giggling all the way to Office Depot for my new refill.

sorry instructables…it won’t be a Mont Blanc.