Flash Fiction – To the Moon!

Rose lineup Flash Fiction

Man – the competition on Flash! Friday keeps getting tougher and tougher…I thought for sure that the story I came up for this week’s challenge would at least merit an honorable mention – but, sadly, it was not to be…deservedly so.  The submissions that were selected for the top three/honorable mentions, etc. were that good.

I’ll just have to keep reading, and writing, and learning how to perfect this craft of flash fiction by studying the winners and near-winners.  Good thing it’s so much fun!

Here’s Friday’s flash piece – the prompt was to put the setting on the moon, and the photograph was a stack of suitcases piled one on top of each other – I absolutely LOVED the shot, as it was canted at an angle that grabbed your attention.

Might have to dig out camera things to try to recreate something similiar.


To the Moon!

202 words


Before I knew what I wanted, I wished for a man who would give me the moon.

The trunks were packed, sitting on the Hope Street curb, waiting for the taxi to transport us to the airport. Destination: somewhere warm and tropical – with plenty of sun, surf, and adult beverages. This hasty vacation, and the ring, were the culmination of the whirlwind romance which completely overwhelmed my 20-something sensibilities.

Oh…the delicious irony embedded in that street sign! Love is not only blind, but deaf, dumb and stupidly idealistic.

He didn’t mention the illegally-obtained diamonds or the three pounds of uncut coke he slipped in my luggage, nor did he mention the carefully concealed arsenal hidden throughout his clothing. That whole ‘international smuggler/drug lord’ thing must have slipped his mind…

Unfortunately, the DEA, Interpol, and the full dozen corpses left in the wake of his escape attempt tell very convincing stories to both Judge and Jury…

And this is how I found myself on the moon: a cold, sterile bubble of Plexiglas housing the terraformed ecosystem of the new off-world penal colony affectionately nicknamed ‘Hotel California.’ You go to the moon. You NEVER leave.

Be careful what you wish for.