The Ring: The Sequel: Escape Artist


I love my little circlet of white gold.  Housed on the middle finger of my right hand…a perfect (albeit obscure) reminder of my first Ex Husband.

It’s always been a bit big for that finger.  There’s some resistance in getting it over the knuckle, but not much.  It rolls around my finger effortlessly, yet is still secure enough to sleep, shower, do dishes, housework, etc…with it on.

Not anymore…

The kids and I went for our traditional laundry day at the ‘mat on Tuesday.  Nothing special about it – grabbed some takeout, shoved clothing in machines, added detergent & coins, spun some poi (the kids) & read the kindle (me).

When I pulled my stuff out of the washer, I heard the familiar scraping of metal in the bottom of the tub.  My first thought was:  Must have left a quarter in the pocket of one of my pants.

I was a bit shaken to find my ring.  It had slipped off without me being the wiser to its loss.

It escaped AGAIN when unloading the dryer – it wanted to hang with my socks and ended up at the bottom of my laundry bag.  I found it the next day (after being convinced I’d lost it on the walk home) when sorting the underthings.

JOY for second reunion, but – when am I gonna lose it for good???

I’ve been doing the ketosis thing for around 9 months, and this is the first serious snag I’ve found in losing some of the tonnage…my FINGERS are shrinking, too.

So what’s a girl to do????

Now…I didn’t want to have the ring resized…the ring snuggies out there look both damn uncomfortable and unsightly, and I can’t switch it to a different finger, as they’re ALL losing their pudge.

I went shopping.

Found a new 3mm band, in my size, and slipped that in front of the larger ring.

Disaster averted..yea!!!!


Mr. First Ex Me’s ring now has a partner in crime 😀




Getting my Geek on…


I’m a fiction-geek.

I fully admit it.  I’ve have two Klingon costumes in my closet, mourned when Firefly was taken off the air, fantasized about traveling through the Stargate, wanna find a blue box in my backyard, had a dream one time where I blended RHPS and LOTR and ended up with transvestite Hobbits dancing on top of a bar, and wonder when they’re going to make a movie about the Dragonriders of Pern.

I do geek well.

I’ve even gone to medieval-geek in my crafting with chainmaille.

This last weekend, instead of indulging in the Superbowl, I made another Byzantine chain, a special order I procured by wearing some of my stuff to the SQO’s Friday Night gig.  The drummer’s girlfriend saw my frosting, and simply HAD to have the denim lapis pendant I’d made…along with an 18 inch chain.

I wear most of my stuff on a 24″ chain because I like the extra length.

So stitch, stitch, stitch…weave, weave, weave.  Chainmaille – especially an easy pattern like Byzantine, is very soothing.  18 inches blossomed under my pliers in a pleasant afternoon of work.  I can’t wait to get this beauty in her hands…even if I WILL miss the denim Lapis stone.

I simply must remind myself – the lapis is going to a great home!


The Ring


I’m sure you haven’t noticed – but making chainmaille jewelry is kind of an obsession with me.  Necklace chains, bracelets, anklets, pendants…some goofy stuff like the Dude & various twiddly toys.  I love to make ’em all.

first third



Special shout-out to the ball – I’ll remember the intensity long after the pliers-slippage scars have faded…




Currently, I’m working on my own little dragon.  I’ll post pictures of him once he’s presentable 🙂

Oddly enough – even through I’ve got more stuff to adorn myself than most people  –  I don’t wear much jewelry.  I guess I have more fun making it than wearing it.

My daily garnishment regime?  Glad you asked!


lapis-pointMy Lapis Point.  This is on a very thin sliver necklace chain.  I can count the days I haven’t worn this far easier than I can count the days I do wear it…simply because I rarely take it off.  It stays on through showers, sleeping, working, socializing, crafting, swimming…you get the picture.  It.  Never.  Comes.  Off.

Occasionally, if I want to make a dramatic statement with a piece I created – I’ll take off the Lapis – but usually it’s there, either under a shirt or stage-center.

My lapis point has been charged with all sorts of mystical goodness and I function better with it on…


Ditto on earrings.  I have worn the same pair of earrings for the last 3-ish years…small gold hoops that are fairly unremarkable.  They never come out of my ears.  It’s easier that way, because getting ready for work in the morning involves so many things which come before coffee, if I tried to switch out earrings every day or so, I’d probably end up at work without a bra, mismatched socks, and my shirt backwards & inside out.


I used to wear an anklet with tiny silver bells constantly, too – but it got too annoying for my co-workers to bear, so I gifted it to S a couple of years ago.  I always smile when I hear her jingle across the floor.


Finally, I have (1) ring, which I have installed rather prominently on my right-middle finger.  A plain, white gold thin band (I think it’s around 3mm).  It’s been there for 2 decades and change.  About the only time I take this ring off is when I’m doing something REALLY messy or sticky with my hands (say…making bread dough or scouring something really foul)

Given that it’s my first Ex. Mr. Me’s wedding band – I’d say placing this little round piece of white gold on the middle finger is appropriate in more ways than I can count.



trl-ringsI recently bought a couple of very thin rings from TRL, so I could play with making a handflower out of one of my dudes.  Being the opportunistic person I am – I stuck one of these on my left thumb.

It fit well enough – and looked all shiny and round-ish on my thumb.

Now…here’s where it gets weird…

For the first couple of hours of wear – my thumb refused to operate like a normal thumb.  I was clumsy at the keyboard.  Klutzy with a pen.  I kept dropping papers and keys and jump rings.

It was as if all the nerve impulses simply STOPPED at the band.  I’d have had an easier time trying to do jumping jacks in shackles.

FYI – my thighs and exercise are mortal enemies…even though they rhyme…

I’ve never had one of my digits react so violently to an accessory before.  I felt like a toddler, trying to figure out how the parents effortlessly spoon soup from the bowl to their mouths without spilling a drop…



So I took it off.  I’ve got enough things to worry about without having my dominant-hand thumb …you know, that little thing that sets Humans ‘above’ all the other intelligent life on this planet?..  angry with me.  It was like my hand suddenly turned dumber than a box of rocks.

Anyone else experience weirdness in jewelry?


That’s Debatable


The first debate between the two major competitors in the contest of ‘Who wants to Pick Curtains for the White House’ happened on Monday evening.

The interwebz are ringing with ‘TRUMP!’ or ‘CLINTON!’ cheers, as each side in this contest seem to believe their candidate verbally trounced the other.  Meme’s are being slammed into Facebook accounts with specially-laced keyboard venom.  YouTuber’s are happily pulling select clips from this debacle…er…hotly contested race and making 3 minute videos of Trump’s sniffing (SniffGate?) and Hillary’s coughing throat-clearing (HealthGate?).

Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media outlets are all feeling the rising hostilities as America once again simultaneously shows it’s soft, undefended belly, and tears strips out of it in this 4-year annual, ultimate throw-down brawl.

The only ones who win this particular three-ring-circus are the ones selling political advertising.  The rest of us are straight up S.O.L.

As I find Political Theater less enjoyable than passing a kidney stone, I did not watch the debate.

I find politics annoying.  I don’t care if you’re going to vote for the orange megalomaniac baboon, the commensurate establishment liar, the third-party ‘I think I’ve heard of him’ guy, or write in the Commie.   I don’t care if you’re going to stay home in protest instead of making your way to the ballot box.  All I know is I’ve made up my mind on how I’m going to behave on election night.

(for the curious ones out there – I’ll cast a ballot, and celebrate that the freakshow election cycle is OVER)

So, what did I do during this first contest between Trump & Clinton?


I did something constructive, and created a little piece of beauty.  A much better use of my time, I would think, than participating in the hostilities.





Green Goddess

Neck shot

The last couple of weekends, when I haven’t been obsessing over  new & inventive ideas to get rid of my butt – I’ve been enjoying myself with little bitty rings.  I managed to get a few new pieces up on Etsy.

via Green Goddess asymmetrical Swarovski crystal by TempestAndTeapot

It’s all very exciting, as it’s Madame Maillestrom’s Etsy debut!  Naturally, I had to pick a cool name for the mannequin – something crazy and edgy.  Now that I’ve got the name, it’s only a matter of time before her personality becomes apparent (in my head, at least).  I think she’s slightly fuming over having a blanket over her head when not employed (S tends to freak out over human analogues – so I have to keep the ‘fair Madame under wraps unless she’s working), and has mentioned the need for a wig now and again…


drum full chain

I’ve wanted to do an asymmetrical necklace for a while.  They’re unusual & kind of crazy…just like me.  They also slide around your neck.  The trick, I think, is to weigh down the apex point.  With this incarnation of the Green Goddess, I didn’t do that – so it does a fair amount of sliding around.  I’m sure I’ll go back to this design soon, and figure out a way to weigh down the end I want DOWN.


close in HP 3 in 1A lot of the build on this one was fairly simple.  Half-Persian 3 in 1 is the pattern for the long chain, and is pretty easy to weave once you get it started.  A shorter length of 3 in 1 is between the two crystals.


close in HP 4 in 1I slipped a length of Half-Persian 4 in 1 between the crystals for a bit of contrast.  4 in 1, especially with those TINY rings, is a multiple four-letter-word, I need a few more hands starter – but like it’s cousin 3 in 1, is an easy to replicate pattern once you’ve stabilized the chain.


close in spiralBelow the crystals is a length of spiral 4 in 1. That chain was made from some leftover enameled copper rings in a different green & brown.  I absolutely LOVE this color combination – I keep calling it my dark chocolate mint combo.


Which reminds me – my stash of those rings is getting low.  Might have to place a new order…


So now, I’m up to the crystals.

Rivoli and clasp close in

As these are the focal, they had to be special.  For starters, I went name-brand.  Genuine Swarovski Rivoli’s.  I have a build in my arsenal already to make stars out of chainmaille – and I modified this build to create the rivoli cage.   There are no glues or adhesives or wires to hold the crystals in place – only the tension of the weave.

And tension there is.  The last few rings are a real pain in the (hopefully deflating) backside to slide into place and close…but totally worth the end result.  The rings used on these 2 are more of the main chain’s green, interspersed with pure copper.


I finished her off with a sterling silver hook I found at my local bead shop, and a largish aluminum ring to hook into.


All in all, I’d she’s a beauty to behold.  Total build time was around 3 hours, total ring count is approximately 520 rings.