Hard Water

Water.  H2O.  The stuff that the human body attributes over half of its mass from.


Yea…that stuff.  Well, when it’s packaged in 36 individual, 20 oz bottles, all bound together with additional thick plastic – that stuff is both heavy and rock-hard…

I went shopping yesterday, picked up a new package just like the above, and thought…”I’ll just toss this over my shoulder to balance and get it up the stairs to the apartment that way.”

Now known as Mistake #1

Wellllllllllllllll…when you swing such an object upwards, getting enough velocity to counteract gravity, (which demands such things go DOWN), and you don’t move your face out of the way of this heavy, fast-moving object – it’s gonna hurt…

Maybe I’ll volunteer at the battered-woman’s shelter this weekend – the bruise should be nicely purpled by then….