Three Line Thursday Contest

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It’s just a little ditty – you only get 30 words.  It’s been a while since I visited Grace at her place on the ‘net – it felt a bit like going back to a well-loved natural spot.

If you’ve the time and inclination – come lay down some ink on her site.


Here’s what I gave today:


Absorbing the message from the voice of the Natural
Allow silence. Welcome solitude. Accept…Alone.
You cannot drown in the stillness of yourself.


Punchin’ them Keys


OK…ouch.  I punched the keys on the advice of another blogger out here on WordPress – and got sore knuckles to prove it.

His suggestion, naturally, was not to duke it out with your keyboard (bad for tech and knuckles both) but to just sit down and start putting words on that blank screen.

Whatever words come to mind.  Don’t think about ’em, don’t obsess about ’em, and for Gawd’s sake, don’t panic!  Just fill the available area with black characters.  Before you know it – you’ll be hitting that save key, rearranging them words so they flow into a story, digging out the appropriate photograph(s) from either your files or from the ‘net, and publishing your next blog post.

journey copy

From one of my beach excursions

I’m finding this approach works especially well for me with the flash pieces I’m amusing myself with.  With one of the standard ‘rules’ in flash being a tight timeline to get in submissions – if I waited until I had a story fully fleshed-out in my head before beginning to write, I’d never get anything submitted.

I usually start a flash piece with a single sentence or idea – the first thing that pops into my head when I see the photo prompt.  It’s usually followed by a companion idea, which complements that first one.

Why, hello there – you’re looking mighty fine in that black & white tonight…

From there, I work backwards to tie the two together…and voila!  Flash!

it was late last night (for me) and I had to check things one last time on the ‘net before shutting things down, curling up on my recliner, pulling up the comforter, slapping on the CPAP, and going to sleep.

And, as an aside – yes – I am FINALLY getting some sleep!  We moved the recliner into my bedroom last weekend so I no longer have to sleep on a completely horizontal surface!!!

Well – Grace, the wonderful hostess at Three Line Thursday promptly put up her weekly competition just as I was doing my final ‘net checks – and, with a burning need to be the FIRST to offer up a submission – I quickly devoured the photo prompt, the additional challenge, and filled that little blank space with words.

As TLT is as micro-fiction as flash gets (three lines…30 words max…that’s all ya get!), it didn’t take me long to create something worthy to share.

All from simply filling that blank space with a couple of words, and letting the ‘birthing’ process proceed from there.

Here’s the piece that emerged:

 Tell me why, the beautiful ones
hang their heads in shame
when shown, the debts, on their souls?

I encourage you go visit Three Line Thursday, and the artist’s page, for the visual.

If I had to have an Aesop Fable ‘Moral of the Story” on this post, it would be:   write.  Don’t be intimidated by that blank page.  Don’t let it tease you with terrifying visions of rewrite after rewrite after rewrite.  Don’t let it convince you that you’ve nothing to say.  Just write – and let those words flow.